Trying Again!

April 18, 2011

I’m getting back on that proverbial horse and I’ve decided to try again with my novel. This winter, I had gotten SO discouraged in getting it published, with rejection letters right and left. The general consensus in these letters were, “it’s not marketable at this time”, in response to the many queries that I had sent out. And of checking out the current market, I knew that what I had written was something  totally unique and not seen in fiction before, unlike the current fad of vampires and werewolves, wizards and quests, and a whole line of self-help books. Hold your objections! That’s my personal view and disdain for self-help books (by my suggestion that they are fiction) and I mean no major offense to those who read or write them, truly.  :-p

Anyhoo,  I never was one to follow a herd, so of course I had written something that’s WAY out of the ordinary and not easily classified as a “instant best seller”, which this is what “not marketable means” in publisher speak. In other words, even though they were A LOT polite about it, the publishers are doubtful that if they invest in my novel, they will get a grand payout from it. That may be true, being that I didn’t write the book for money sake, but from my own pure enjoyment and entertainment. I believe that my book would be plenty entertaining to a mass number of people, but to millions or billions, I don’t know. I didn’t write it with the thought of picking money from people’s pocket, but only to tell a brilliant and witty story that will amuse and shock the senses. Or to have a person giggling on their long commute to work or school.

However, my most major mistake was joining a very horrible “writer’s” forum, which is full of arrogant “writers”, who are not published themselves. I was there to seek advice on how to market myself better to publishers. And they had ripped me a new one instead,  thus adding the final nail to my already growing discouragement. I’m a lot peeved, as I’m still stuck with an account with that forum, because all Mods continue to ignore my requests to be removed from the site. And I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe from their pitiful board, on my own, though I’ve tried to find the delete button several times. If anyone has that answer, please let me know, I’d be eternally grateful! I hate having my name associated with such a joke of a site. :-/

I took the liberty of seeing who my harassers of that board were: a college student who is not published, a plumber who’s not published, and the biggest jerk of all was a guy who had managed to get a few of his books published by an unknown (or small publishing group) and made his own rickety site to promote them. Hardly the types that should be judgmental and attack a young woman trying to get into the publishing game. But, I digress… :-/

After a while of stewing in my discouragement, I began thinking a little on trying again, but I was planning to procrastinate until the end of this year. However, I’ve seen a trailer to a movie this weekend, that is too close to call to what I had written. That SCARES me! Obviously, what I have written is marketable in many aspects and I would hate to miss my opportunity. So, I have two publishers left on my list, that I haven’t yet knocked on the doors of. But, they’re pretty big league and I’m not sure how far I will get in. I have re-written my query and plan to send the first three chapters of my manuscript along with it, this time around. I want to PROVE that it’s marketable, even though I’m not good at or experienced in marketing myself to others.  But, I have to try. :-)

If push comes to shove, I will have to take drastic measures. That means going into self-publishing, by means of Amazon.com. It will cost me money, for sure. But, it’s the only way to insure that if someone else comes up with my literary idea, I will have proof that I thought of it first. That’s my greatest fear, most of all,  of someone beating me to the punch and living a sweet life from my long time dream. I don’t want money or fame. I just want credit where credit is due, is all. I have worked VERY hard on my novel and put all of my emotions into it… it’s a part of me.

But before anyone thinks to ask, I will not mention what the plot, name, or idea of my novel is. Only my closest and most trusted friends know of it and have a copy of the manuscript. Except for my best friend, as he’s away from home right now, but I did send him a few pages of it. He’ll get the whole thing, when he comes back home, to review. The reasons for my secrecy are: One, I’m paranoid of someone stealing my idea or parts of it, beating me to the punch. And two, it’s like that quote from Norman Mailer, that goes something like (paraphrasing), “Never let a person know your story ideas. It should be treated like an love affair, hidden in secret.” Not that I’m that great of writer compared to him, but I could be someday. Who knows? ;-)



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