For The People!

April 25, 2011

I have often been asked the question of, why do I feel the need to stand up for and fight for the freedoms of others. In this blog, I have ranted and stood up for the rights of others who don’t match my own religious beliefs, race, or my own situations in life. And I do so with such passion, empathy, determination, as if their troubles were my own.

The simple answer is, I believe that we are all connected to each other, in spite of our differences. I may not share the same beliefs, the same lifestyles, the same cultural background, or travel in the same circles of the people that I speak up for. But they are human beings, just like I am one, and therefore I feel as though they are my brothers and sisters all the same. And I couldn’t fathom myself just standing still and not speaking up when I see my siblings being trampled on. :-/

I don’t have a political party that I am loyal to, but I guess it’s safe to say that I lean on the liberal side of things more. I do vote, but never strictly just Democrat or Republican. I vote only for the candidates that speak for the people the most, for the majority of the issues that matter the most to me and for the working-class that are in my circle of everyday life. The Rep. versus Dem. fight is a lot juvenile to me and shame on both parties for it! I pay little attention to those squabbles and a politician will lose me, if they get too much into that debate, instead of doing the right things by those who voted them in.

My need to speak on others rights, in spite the fact that my own race, religion, lifestyle, etc is not in the middle of these political storms, is out of empathy for another human being. I speak (or write), because I can and it’s my First Amendment right to, as an American. I do not like the hate speech of others, of blogs and sites that are there to spread hate and ignorance of another race, religion, sexual orientation, and creed. But the First Amendment protects such sites, therefore if they have a right to spread hate, I have a right to spread love and understanding. :-p

Here’s an example… Some months back, I had found a chat-room for friendship and wandered in. The chat-room was full of very funny people, upbeat, and always cheerful. Though, they had very little tolerance for opposing opinions or thoughts. A person came into the room, shouting how much Charlie Sheen was a good role-model for all young people of the world, and how the actor is the greatest American of all. He went on to say that all children should be raised by Charlie Sheen and he wished to be as great of an American as him. I feel sorry for Charlie and his decent into troubles of late, with drugs abuse and legal issues. And of basically losing his mind, his show, and his self respect. :-(

But, everyone responded to this chatter with agitation and aggression, calling the guy “a sad man, who must hate yourself!” And telling him to go away, claiming that he was not an real American, and flat out telling him that he was bringing down the whole room. He seemed use to this kind of negativity, even feeding off the attention he was getting. He was most likely a chat-room troll, someone stating outrageous things in the purpose to disrupt a chat-room. :-o

But, something inside of me decided to calm the masses and look at it at different perspective, to play a little “Devil’s Advocate”, as shouting at this guy wasn’t helping the room at all. First of all, I made the statement that being a true American means having the right to speak one’s mind, even if what one is saying is outrageous to the majority. So I pointed out to the room that this individual was indeed American, in my view, and is only expressing his opinion on Charlie Sheen. The guy was taken aback for a bit and said, “Thank you, Dani.” And I replied to him, “Don’t thank me too soon! LOL! I agree with the others, that you are nuts in thinking that Charlie Sheen is any kind of role-model! But I agree that as an American you have a right to that opinion and thought all the same. I may disagree, but I’m entitled to that right as well.” He thank me again, regardless, calming down and not speaking of his opinion for the rest of the chat.  Although, every day he would come into chat, he would start up again on his rant, causing a stir once again. But if I was in the room, he’d calm down and chat normally with the rest of us. :-)

I think the world would be a better place, if we could learn to deal with differences of opinions a lot better, to try and tolerate and understand, rather than to form angry mobs against the one or two persons with a different view. Sure, my way of speaking to this chatter like a human being didn’t stop him from trying to stir up trouble in the chat-room, but I could tell that he was not use to positive attention. And because I had respect for him, he tried his best to show respect for me, by not disrupting the room too much when I was there.

And for all of my life, I’ve been this way, of trying to understand those around me first and to have less snap judgments. Not that I’m perfect, by any means! I have my judgments about certain things and certain people. But in general, race, religion, most philosophies, sexual orientation, creed and career statues, are not things that I make judgments on nor do it shape my opinion on these small differences. And I believe that, as an American, oppression and bias against these little differences are wholly unconstitutional.

I’m not saying that I am a angel of peace or that I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, just for my words. But, as Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” And I am never one to sit back and do nothing, if I can help it.  My message here is for everyone to STOP, think for a moment, and try to give out a little positivity towards their fellow human beings every once in a while. Love is the only way to make this world a better place for all of us.  End of hippy-rant! :-)



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