Men Who Don’t Age!

April 26, 2011

I’ve decided to take a break from my usual political commentary, for something a bit more fun. Celebrity gossip! :-)

This is just a topic that I giggle with my female pals, from time to time, about  three very hot guys that don’t seem to age! Keanu, David, and Prince are the ones I grew up knowing about. And my childhood crushes were of both Keanu and David! Never of Prince, but I had always thought of him a very cool dude and can see why many women have crushes on him. :-)

Though, now that I am in my 30’s, it amazes me how young these men still appear to be! The words, “fountain of youth” comes to mind and I wonder… do these men have great genes or good plastic surgeons? Of course, jealous men around the world would claim the latter, while many of us ogling gals would claim the former. :-p

Okay, let me start with my number one crush in the world, Mr. Reeves…

 Keanu Charles Reeves – Canadian actor

He was born on September 2, 1964, which means he’s age 46. I had fallen in love with this man, since I first seen him in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. That’s a very long time to carry a torch for someone, I know… but the fires have never waned. Even when he does crappy movies (cough, “The Lake House”, cough!), I still love this man! Though, it’s a lot weird that he doesn’t seem to age much in his looks, from when I first saw him on screen. Weird, but wonderful at the same time! :-)

 David Bowie – English musician

With the birth name of David Robert Jones,  this man was born on January 6, 1947, which makes him age 64 years old.  When I first saw David, I was a little girl who loved the movie “The Labyrinth”, which he played as The Goblin King. Later as young teen, I had happened across his music video of “Let’s Dance”, and became a lot enthralled with his musical talents. I’ll forever remember him in his role of Ziggy Stardust! He is a very odd man and very mysterious, and with the most sexy deep voice! And that’s why I like him so much! But, when I saw him on television a few years ago, I was gobsmacked on how young he still looked. :-o

 Prince Rogers Nelson – American muscian

He was born June 7, 1958, which makes him 52 years old. I grew up listening to his music, to say the least. The first music video of his I saw was, “When Doves Cry”, as a little girl. And I wondered with genuine concern, “why are the doves sad?”, as I was too young to grasp the meaning of the song… But many of my hyper moments as a kid included singing the song of “I Will Die 4 U”, while bouncing around my room. A few years back, he did an appearance on tv and I was ready to see how much he had aged. My jaw hit the floor, as he looks exactly the same as I remember him as a kid! How can this be?! He’s more shockingly youthful than Bowie or Keanu put together, imho. :-p

Sure, there are many rumors of botox and so on with these men. It may be the case… or maybe not! Either way, these men aren’t telling of their secrets. There is a joke around the net that Keanu is an “immortal”, as he never seems to age and some old paintings of influential men (including one ancient sketch of Jesus Christ)  seem to look like him. It’s hilarious! You can check out one of those sites: here! ;-)

However, a person having the fountain of youth in their genes doesn’t seem too far off to me. In my family, the women tend to look young for the longest. Though, we see it as a curse, rather than a gift. My sister and I still get hassled for ID because people assume that we are teenagers. And my mother has had her fair share of police officers pulling her over in her 20’s, because they thought she was a teen breaking curfew, even though she was married, in the Navy, and had a young son (my older brother).

I know, to others this may seem like a bunch of whining for an awesome gift! Much like how I snort towards beautiful women who complain, “It’s so very hard being this beautiful all the time”… Yeah, right. Sucks to be you, I’m sure (eye roll here). However, I’m looking forward to the day when people don’t ask for my ID card or stare at me like some medical marvel, repeating over and over, “But I thought you were a teen!” :-p

Anyhoo, I find myself staring at these men with the same confusion and wonder as many do towards me… How do they stay forever young? :-o



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