When Evil Dies

May 5, 2011

It’s been a few days since the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden, the most vile and infamous terrorist leader of  al-Qaeda. Yes, I do have words about the monster whom was the direct cause of 3,000 deaths of innocent people on American soil. But, my words may not be something so obvious, this time around…

When I was first told of Bin Laden’s death, on Monday morning, I had two reactions. The first feeling I had was that of great relief and gladness, because with his death, it means that he can’t hurt anyone else. But the second feeling I had was a wave of pity and light sadness, because he was a human being and the loss of life is never a great thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m angry and upset of all the pain, fear, and darkness that Bin Laden has caused for my country and it’s innocent civilians. 9-11 was the most horrific day in US history and it will NEVER be forgotten. The images and the anxiety of that day will forever live within my mind, heart, and memories. And for this, I am angry and had been so for a whole decade.

However, I can’t help feeling pity and thinking to myself, “If only this man didn’t stray so far away from the right path.” Not only did he do great damage to America, he also did a lot of great damage for the Muslim faith. Bin Laden fell off the righteous path of his religion, falling into dark extremes, and making up his own interpretations of the Quran. In his madness, he helped fund and supported the mass murder of September 11, claiming it under the Muslim religion. That has made it a lot difficult for real Muslims around the world, as misguided and ignorant Americans began to believe that all Muslims are terrorists. :-(

So you may be wondering, with all the evil that this man have done, how could I pity him? I don’t know why or how. But I guess the acknowledgement that he was still a breathing human, a man who had lost his mind and soul to pure darkness, is what separates me from the psychopathic dictators of the world.  It is a sad thing, when a person loses their path and descend into evil. And this is not the first time I had felt pity for an executed dictator, as I also felt pity for Saddam Hussein, after watching his execution video.

But there’s no way that I’m saying that the death of evil men isn’t warranted. It is necessary at times and execution is much better if a court rules on the death, in some kind of trial. I do feel a lot cheated that Bin Laden wasn’t made to face his crimes and accusers, his life ending in a straight away execution. I do believe in the Death Penalty, and it’s the one thing that doesn’t fit in with my hippy-liberal ways. :-p

But my final opinion on this matter is, I am glad that Bin Laden can’t hurt people anymore and is permanently removed from power. But I also feel sorry for the loss of a life. When evil dies, it’s not always a black and white view on the matter. Sometimes a person can feel a little gray within the event.

Though, for those who have lost friends, family, and neighbors within the attacks, I highly understand if you are rejoicing and not feeling a thing about this mass-murderer’s death. You have every right to it! And I would have to dub a person with a very forgiving heart, if they did feel any pity for the man who took so much away from them. But, I do hope that the survivors of 9-11 can find some peace within this and some closure. :-)



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