Bits And Bobs!

May 16, 2011

It’s been a while, since I wrote an “Hello” post. And do have something to share directly to my readers. :-)

As you may have noticed, my posts in this blog has been fewer in numbers. When I first stated this blog, I would write and post Monday – Friday. Back then, I had so much to expresses and share. But lately, I’ve been learning and growing within my life and spirituality, becoming a lot freer then when I had first started this blog. Right now, I’m at a level of feeling good and being lazy with wanting to write. My life is still far from being perfect (as if such a thing exist) and I wouldn’t say that I’m totally content. But at this moment, I’m following the idea within my own spirituality of, “Speak ye little, listen much”. :-p

What I mean is, I will still post here because I love to do so! I will try not to disappear for weeks at a time, like I did so this winter. But when I do post, it will not be a five days a week sort of deal. I have to get outside, away from the computer screen, and into life a bit. ;-)

A dear friend reminded me, that I have had so many negative experiences in my life, since I was a little girl. But, it time for me to experience more positive things within my life now. And she is so very right! It is time! :-)

I have been working a lot on myself, gaining a tougher-skin, changing the way I deal with others or react to situations. So, I am more ready to try to brave the outside world a little more. I do have an issue with anxiety, but maybe somehow I can test it’s limits and see how far I can get, within social situations. After all, I am thirty years old now and it’s about time I try to spread my wings.

But no matter what I get into, in my life’s journey, I will not be closing this blog for a very long while yet. So no need to worry, to the few who do enjoy reading my random rants and raves. I’m still around. ;-)



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