I’ve Moved!

March 26, 2015


This is just a little note for my new followers of late and my very old ones of the past. The Rainpuddle is my first and beloved blog on WordPress, although I no longer update it. Even so, I’ve noticed the endless views and groups of subscribers lately, which makes my heart soar with appreciation for the support and continued gander of scribbles I’ve started here in my mid 20’s (I’m in my mid-thirties now)! Thank you!

However, I feel the need to leave this notice, that I’ve graduated to another long time running blog: A Quest For Happiness. It’s a bit more personal, yet filled with my honest journey/observations about life. There’s music, jokes, information, and more heart included in my new blog. And, most of all, I tend to update that one the most. You’re free to continue following The Rainpuddle, comment, or whatnot, but I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog has finished growing and is no longer the focus of my updates. In other words, this will be my LAST post here. I’m teary-eyed about this milestone!

It’s a little annoying that I haven’t figured out how to default my current blog, A Quest For Happiness, to when I like or comment on the blogs of others, so that they may follow me if they wish to. And I believe this is what causes the confusion that The Rainpuddle is still a running site, when in reality it’s my dusty museum of my past works on WordPress. I’ll figure it out, I hope. =p

Anyway, thanks for reading and following this blog everyone! It really does make my day, when I still get pinged posts and traffic reports from this old site, even though I haven’t written in it for years. I hope to see you guys and gals on the new one, IF you’re interested, of course. Anime peace-sign ===> ^_^v



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