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Men Who Don’t Age!

April 26, 2011

I’ve decided to take a break from my usual political commentary, for something a bit more fun. Celebrity gossip! :-)

This is just a topic that I giggle with my female pals, from time to time, about  three very hot guys that don’t seem to age! Keanu, David, and Prince are the ones I grew up knowing about. And my childhood crushes were of both Keanu and David! Never of Prince, but I had always thought of him a very cool dude and can see why many women have crushes on him. :-)

Though, now that I am in my 30’s, it amazes me how young these men still appear to be! The words, “fountain of youth” comes to mind and I wonder… do these men have great genes or good plastic surgeons? Of course, jealous men around the world would claim the latter, while many of us ogling gals would claim the former. :-p

Okay, let me start with my number one crush in the world, Mr. Reeves…

 Keanu Charles Reeves – Canadian actor

He was born on September 2, 1964, which means he’s age 46. I had fallen in love with this man, since I first seen him in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. That’s a very long time to carry a torch for someone, I know… but the fires have never waned. Even when he does crappy movies (cough, “The Lake House”, cough!), I still love this man! Though, it’s a lot weird that he doesn’t seem to age much in his looks, from when I first saw him on screen. Weird, but wonderful at the same time! :-)

 David Bowie – English musician

With the birth name of David Robert Jones,  this man was born on January 6, 1947, which makes him age 64 years old.  When I first saw David, I was a little girl who loved the movie “The Labyrinth”, which he played as The Goblin King. Later as young teen, I had happened across his music video of “Let’s Dance”, and became a lot enthralled with his musical talents. I’ll forever remember him in his role of Ziggy Stardust! He is a very odd man and very mysterious, and with the most sexy deep voice! And that’s why I like him so much! But, when I saw him on television a few years ago, I was gobsmacked on how young he still looked. :-o

 Prince Rogers Nelson – American muscian

He was born June 7, 1958, which makes him 52 years old. I grew up listening to his music, to say the least. The first music video of his I saw was, “When Doves Cry”, as a little girl. And I wondered with genuine concern, “why are the doves sad?”, as I was too young to grasp the meaning of the song… But many of my hyper moments as a kid included singing the song of “I Will Die 4 U”, while bouncing around my room. A few years back, he did an appearance on tv and I was ready to see how much he had aged. My jaw hit the floor, as he looks exactly the same as I remember him as a kid! How can this be?! He’s more shockingly youthful than Bowie or Keanu put together, imho. :-p

Sure, there are many rumors of botox and so on with these men. It may be the case… or maybe not! Either way, these men aren’t telling of their secrets. There is a joke around the net that Keanu is an “immortal”, as he never seems to age and some old paintings of influential men (including one ancient sketch of Jesus Christ)  seem to look like him. It’s hilarious! You can check out one of those sites: here! ;-)

However, a person having the fountain of youth in their genes doesn’t seem too far off to me. In my family, the women tend to look young for the longest. Though, we see it as a curse, rather than a gift. My sister and I still get hassled for ID because people assume that we are teenagers. And my mother has had her fair share of police officers pulling her over in her 20’s, because they thought she was a teen breaking curfew, even though she was married, in the Navy, and had a young son (my older brother).

I know, to others this may seem like a bunch of whining for an awesome gift! Much like how I snort towards beautiful women who complain, “It’s so very hard being this beautiful all the time”… Yeah, right. Sucks to be you, I’m sure (eye roll here). However, I’m looking forward to the day when people don’t ask for my ID card or stare at me like some medical marvel, repeating over and over, “But I thought you were a teen!” :-p

Anyhoo, I find myself staring at these men with the same confusion and wonder as many do towards me… How do they stay forever young? :-o




March 23, 2011

I’m a lot lost in my life, at the moment. And whenever I get so very lost and hurt by life, I often turn to music, most of all the old band of Nirvana. And mostly, it’s the voice of Kurt Cobain that comforts me in these rock songs. Maybe because I can identify with him a little, if not a lot.

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band named Nirvana. He committed suicide on April 5, 1994. Though, hardcore fans and conspiracy theorists like to believe that he was murdered by his wife, made to look like a suicide. But the fact remains, that although his wife was a very self-serving and not so nice person, she had nothing to do with his death. He was in the house alone, with no signs of forced entry, separated from his wife and living alone. Kurt was battling an addiction to heroin, illness, and depression. He left millions of loving and adoring fans behind and at a lost, including myself.

But… I think I understand him and why he did it. People think I’m crazy with my theory, but I don’t care. I believe he died because he was lonely and without a real friend in the world. Those same sad and empty eyes of his, seen in every photo taken of him, mirrors my own. I so know how he feels and I know how easy it can seem to end the loneliness with death. I know it’s not a right idea to turn to suicide, but in the grips of that pain, I understand how that wrong thought can seem so right.

The proof of his loneliness is his suicide note, left not to his wife, family, or friends… but to his imaginary childhood friend named “Boddah”. I don’t think he had a true friend, a close friend, or any close ties. He was very VERY talented and had a lot of fame and fans. But Kurt Cobain didn’t want fame (something that I highly relate to) and just wanted to rock n roll for the sake and enjoyment of it. He had a lot to say in his lyrics and messages in his songs, but he never wanted a huge crowd or fame from it. He just wanted someone to hear him, just a few, to understand him and care for what he had to express. That’s me to my very core…

The fame was getting to him, his health issues, his crumbling marriage, and (I believe) lack of true friends around him. He was hurting when people misinterpreting his words, especially when two men ganged raped a young girl while singing his song of “Polly”, taking his lyrics as a depiction of rape.  Kurt released a public statement on the incident, highly upset and hurt that someone would come to one of his concerts and get that message from his words, when in fact “Polly” wasn’t a song about rape at all. I think, in a way, he blamed himself for what happened to the young girl, even though it wasn’t his fault at all. :-(

Kurt was a product of a broken home, his parents divorced when he was a little boy. His father remarried and Kurt lived with him and the new wife. But his father was often physically abusive to his stepmother and sending her to the hospital, once with a broken arm. Kurt spiraled in his teens, over his abusive home life, and his father sent him off with other relatives. Kurt also spent some years being homeless and living under a highway underpass, for a while. Without being able to get the emotional support that he needed and deserve for either parent,  Kurt was very alone in the world.

He had a very sad and lonely life, yet he was VERY talented in music. Sure, he had the money and fame, but he never got what he really wanted and needed in life. Money and fame isn’t everything. Love, emotional support, understanding, and kindness are. :-/

Even though I am no where near Kurt Cobain level, I can related to him on many aspects. I’m also from a broken home, I also can’t handle nor want fame, but just want to express myself and be understood. I write for the sheer joy of it, not for fame or money, and I almost always have a message to convey. I’m also lonely, without a real friend,  huge sad eyes, wanting for true emotional support that I will never seem to get. I’m not addicted to heroin, but I am addicted to nicotine (really bad, on and off… which has the same addiction rate of heroin, by the way), and I suffer with health issues and depression.

Though, my fan-base is so very much lower than his… only 300 readers per week, according to my stat-counter reports. So it may be laughable that I would identify with someone so well widely known, with millions of fans worldwide, and well loved in fame. Maybe. Then again Kurt never cared about the numbers, it disturbed him much. Nor do I care about fame or numbers. So this argument is really a moot point. :-p

But, I know how it feels when a person is surrounded by people who love what you do, but don’t love who you are or even know who you are. Or even take the time to try to understand who you are. My real writings of this blog often have less viewers than my more fun and sillier posts. I suspect this one will be passed over and ignored too, without any real comments or “impressions”, like the other serious ones here. Par for the course. But, I didn’t write this for views or comments, but in tribute and mourning of Kurt Cobain.

I will mention this… it doesn’t make me feel good or happy when a person says to me, “I wish you lots of success in getting published someday… Because you will be famous and I’ll get to tell my family that I know someone famous!” And I’ve been hearing that comment a lot lately, which makes me shut down and not want to pursue any publication. I’m sure people think that saying this is flattering… but it’s not to me. What it says to me is, “I hope you get famous, so that you’re worth knowing.” And that makes me feel like crap. :-/

I imagine that Kurt Cobain wanted friends, in spite of and before his fame. That he didn’t want people to love him, just because of what he could do, but of who he was as a person. Sadly, if I knew this homeless guy, who lived under a highway and was lost, I would have been his friend. And a true friend at that! I’ve learned a long time ago that success and fame isn’t want makes a person special at all. And even if I do become famous or successful someday, I’d never forget who were my friends before and who stayed with me, when I was at my lowest. Fame, money, and success doesn’t impress me, not one bit. But integrity, loyalty, and who the person really is inside does. And Kurt Cobain had a very deep and caring soul, may he rest in peace.



Trick Or Treat!

October 28, 2010

Halloween is near, which means it’s almost time for my annual viewing of horror-films! I’ve decided to share some (out of the massive collection dvds that I own) of the films that I enjoy viewing, while eating WAY too much candy and getting a sugar-high! Yes… the next morning, I will have a sugar hangover and regret the consumption of junk-food that will go straight to my thighs. But, Halloween is meant to be enjoyed, so I’ll worry about that stuff later. ;-)

The Exorcist (1973) – A story of a mother who’s daughter becomes possessed by a demon. She seeks help from two priests, after failing to get help for her daughter through conventional ways.  Some of the special-effects of this movie is hokey, given the time this movie was produced, but the story is very entertaining. “The power of Christ compels you!” ;-)

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005) – This film is loosely based on the real life story of Anneliese Michel. Much of this film takes place in a courtroom, as a priest is bought to trial on the death of Emily Rose, after an Exorcism goes terribly wrong. There are many chilling flashbacks to that exorcism, as lawyers and the defendant recall the details in court. In other words, this is an horror film that makes you think.

The Amityville Horror – Based on the true story of the paranormal experiences of the Lutz family in Amityville, a suburban neighborhood located on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Thirteen months before the Lutz family moved into their new home in Amityville, a very troubled young man shot and murdered six family members in the house. Now the Lutz were being terrorized by the paranormal phenomenon left within the home. The truth of this story is debated, but it makes for a very entertaining movie.

The Ring (2002) – A cursed video tape is found in a cabin, with the warning of “seven days”. Once you’ve watched the tape, in seven days you will die. Two teenage girls, Katie and Becca,  joke about this tape. Until Katie winds up dead, and Becca is institutionalized in a mental hospital. The movie continues on with Katie’s 9 year old cousin, Aidan, who is visibly affected by the death. This is a nice “campy” movie, but it has it shocking moments.

Paranormal Activity (2009) – This film is in the style of “found footage”, using a home-video camera. It is a story about a young couple, Katie and Micah, who are haunted by a supernatural presence in their home. It’s very well done and the most scariest movie I have seen, in a very long time! :-)

Candyman (1992) – This film is about a woman named Helen Lyle, a graduate student who is conducting  research on Urban Legends. She learns of a legend named, “Candyman”, who is summoned by looking into a mirror and chanting his name five times. She tries out the legend herself, reciting the name in a mirror. This movie is more creepy than horrifying, but worth the watch.

Shutter (2008) – A newlywed couple moves to Japan, from New York, as the husband gains a job as an photographer. While traveling, the wife hits a woman on the road and they swerve off. They regain consciousness and find no body on the road, or even a trace of blood, so they move on. Then mysteriously, the couple began to find lights within their photos, which is later identified as “spirit photography”. The length of this movie leads up to one huge shocker of an ending! The horror punchline is totally worth it! ;-)

Carrie (1976) – This is a story about an socially outcast teenage girl, who only wishes for friends. She discovers that she has supernatural powers, which her overly-religious and abusive mother deems as powers from Satan. Carrie’s powers flair into tragedy, after she is humiliated by teachers and students on prom night. This is one of my favorite Stephen King movies.

Desperation (2004) – This is a film based on the Stephen King novel (I have read the novel also!). It’s about a cursed town called “Desperation”, located in the Nevada dessert. An sheriff from the town, collects passersby on the road, bringing them to a jailhouse and killing some. None of the captives know what has happened to the people of the town, why the sheriff has turn crazy, or which one of them will be killed next. The novel was bone-chilling, but the movie lacks some major details. But, it’s still a good representation of the story.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (2007) – Many should know this one! It’s based on the 1979 musical, about a local barber who was wrongly sent to prison, by a corrupt judge who wanted Sweeney’s  wife and daughter for his own. Once Sweeney is freed from prison, he travels back to London, where he exacts his revenge on all who had a hand in his imprisonment, by slitting their throats in the barber chair. Their bodies are then “disposed of”, by becoming the main ingredient in Mrs. Lovette’s pies. Fun for the family! No… not really. :-p

The Omen (1976) – The infant son of a father is born in Rome, but dies in birth. The grieving father, out of concern for his wife’s mental well-being, is convinced into substituting the dead child for an orphaned baby, who’s mother died at the same moment. And throughout the movie, dark things began to happen around the adopted child, including the nanny hanging herself in tribute of the boy. This movie is worth watching! “Look at me, Damien! It’s all for you!” :-o

Now, of course there are more. But, I’ve listed the ones that stand out the most, in my collection. I want to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! :-)



The Girl With Funny Name

October 14, 2010

I am a big fan of this 2009 animated movie, “Coraline”. Though, like many of the characters in the story, I did make the mistake of calling her “Caroline”, because I am use to that name. The spelling and pronunciation of “Coraline” is much different and I have never met anyone by that name, in real life. But now I seem to be stuck on calling everyone, with the common version of the name, “Coraline”.  Coraline… or Caroline? It’s all blurred together in my mind. :-p

But, besides the confusing name, this is a very good story and movie. It’s about a little girl, who is trying to adjust to a new house, in a new town, away from her old friends. She feels a lot lonely, as her parents are too busy with work to pay any attention to her. She then meets her very weird neighbors, but still feels ignored and lonely. After a while, she finds a hidden door leading to an alternate and better life. But, is it really better?

I like this movie, because the final message is, “The grass is not always greener on the other side!”. And to appreciate those in your life, as imperfect as they are. This is something that I always try to remind myself, in my life, to not get too envious or wanting of what I see on the other side of the fence. Things are never what they seem to be. :-/

This movie is not for the smallest of children, as it has very dark overtones and could be too scary for them. But the cool thing is that Dakota Fanning does the voice of Coraline. And the surreal music track is great, to the point that I have bought the album for my i-Pod. And I also have the movie too, in it’s entirety, for my i-Pod as well. This way, I can watch Coraline whenever I wish and wherever. Yes, I am a nerd! :-p

If you haven’t seen this movie, it may be a good idea to buy (or rent) it, this autumn. It makes for a very good light-weight Halloween movie for children, and also those who get too scared with the hardcore stuff. ;-)



Of Truth And Lies

July 6, 2010

“Lie To Me” is a new show on FOX, which I have been getting into lately. It’s a show about a man, Dr. Cal Lightman, and his team who specialize in knowing when a person is lying. The tag line of this show is, “The truth is written all over our faces”.

Basically, each episode features a criminal or client that Cal must investigate, where he is to expose the lies and scandals of a situation just by reading the facial cues or gestures of the person. Though, Dr. Lightman himself is a bit edgy and breaks the rules often, also finding himself in some very dangerous situations in the pursuit of finding the truth. He makes for a very curious character, as in one episode, when he is being sworn in as a specialist for a trial, he stops to say, “Nobody can tell the whole truth, it’s subjective, and passes through our own filters.” The judge is annoyed and asks, “How about you promise to be honest to the best of your ability?” Cal answers, “Now you’re talking!”. ;-)

I am enjoying the 2nd Season, but there was a brief fear that the show would be canceled. In fact, I was pretty sure that it would be, as FOX tends to get rid of the very good shows, unless they get popular really fast. And even then, there was a time that The Family Guy was canceled and had to be picked up on the Cartoon Network… and that’s an insanely popular show! :-o

But FOX did finally bring back Lie To Me, and I am keeping my fingers crossed on this show. I do hope it makes it and stay on the air, for many seasons. :-)

Who doesn’t want the ability to be able to tell if a person is being truthful or not? As abilities go, this is a pretty awesome one, so watching a show about a human lie detector is fun. I believe that everyone should at least watch an episode of this show, once. It’s very fascinating and they do clue the viewer in on which facial gestures gave the person away, using snapshots of real liars (celebrities, infamous criminals, and politicians) as an example.

This show makes you think! :-)



Bono Vox: A True Guru!

June 21, 2010

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an obsessive fan of the band named “U2”. Also my favorite artist of this band, is the lead singer, Bono Vox (birth-name: Paul David Hewson). Sure… he’s sexy, romantic, charismatic, and very good looking. And it doesn’t hurt him that he has a beautiful voice, writes all the lyrics for the albums, and is a bleeding-heart humanitarian of the world. But, that’s not why I like him. :-p

The first song I heard of U2 is “New Years Day”, at age 15. I was surfing the radio stations and came across the guitar solo of this song… and I was blown away! That song still sends chills up my spine, till this day. ;-)

But, I began to buy their cds and before I knew it, I had every album released since 1983… It’s odd, I was two years old, when their first album “War” was released. But, I bought it, fourteen years later. :-p

However, I was a very lonely teen, never having any friends. Not that I didn’t want them or was anti-social. But no one wanted to talk to “the weird girl” and I could only be myself. So, I spent many of my days alone and sad, depression began, and got worse as time wore on. And in the darkness, there was one voice that was reaching out to me….

“I wanna run. I want to hide. I wanna tear down the walls, That hold me inside. I wanna reach out, And touch the flame. Where the streets have no name. I want to feel, Sunlight on my face. I see the dust cloud disappear, Without a trace. I want to take shelter from the poison rain. Where the streets have no name. Where the streets have no name. Where the streets have no name. We’re still building, Then burning down love. Burning down love. And when I go there, I go there with you. It’s all I can do.”

This song gave me some hope, of a better place… a different world… where I could be myself, be loved, and wanted. I had my cat at the time, Mr. Meeks (may he rest in peace!), and I would sing this song to him every night. Mr Meeks and I were going to find these Streets With No Name, someday. Or, that was my thought. ;-)

Many of Bono’s words are electric and rooted in great metaphors and wisdom. Sadly, my depression soon spiraled out of control and I spent many of my teen years in and out of mental facilities, from suicidal tendencies and too many suicide attempts to count. :-/

But, through all of that darkness, I was able to have some sense of peace and calmness, listening to voice and words of Bono Vox. I am in a FAR better state than I was, these days. No depression or suicidal thoughts. And I still take comfort and enjoy the music of Bono.

 There are some debate on some of his songs, by fans, on what his lyrics really mean. Some, Bono have clarified what was his message in these songs… but other times, he likes to keep it an riddle. I believe that he very clever in this way, leaving the meaning of some songs up to the listener to decide. For example, one of his more recent song, “Magnificent” is up for debate:

“I was born, I was born to be with you, In this space and time. After that and ever after, I haven’t had a clue. Only to break rhyme. This foolishness can leave a heart, Black and blue. Only love, Only love can leave such a mark. But only love, Only love can heal such a scar. I was born, I was born to sing for you. I didn’t have a choice, But to lift you up. And sing whatever song you wanted me to, I give you back my voice. From the womb my first cry, It was a joyful noise. Oh, oh.”

Some argue that this is a religious song, about God. Others argue it’s about a love between a man and woman. For me, I believe it’s a song about true love for another in general (for friends, lovers, and family), in the purest of forms. But, Bono isn’t saying much or making a definite statement on the meaning of the song. Cheeky! :-p

One thing is clear… Bono Vox moves to the beat of a different drummer. His words are from the soul and an expression of his inner thoughts. And that’s not to say that the rest of the band (The Edge: guitarist, Adam: base guitarist, and Larry: drummer) aren’t pretty awesome too, in their own right. I’ll always be a fan of the band and of the Guru named Bono,  a poet of human emotions. :-)



Keanu Reeves Day

June 16, 2010

Okay, I am a fan of Keanu… did I say fan? No… obsessive stalker of Keanu! I fell in love with him, ever since “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”! And I enjoyed his action movies, like “The Matrix” (all three movies in the series) and “Constantine”. Okay, maybe not every one of his movies were great (not counting the ones mentioned, they’re “excellent”!), but I like the dude! :-D

Anyways, everyone should know of the net meme that’s going around by now, of a very sad-looking Keanu Reeves, sitting on a bench and eating a sandwich. He’s a lot scruffy and looks so depressed. And with his personal problems in his life, fans did become concern… so was I!

So, a FaceBook group was made and a new celebration called, “Cheer Up Keanu Day!”, which was held yesterday, June 15th. (article here – Time Magazine: Cheer Up Keanu Day). I joined the group myself, in support for my fantasy husband. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? :-p

But, in reality, Keanu’s representatives say that the star is not depressed. It’s was an mug shot taken out of context, by some sneaky paparazzi.

Meanwhile… I enjoyed the many creative photoshopping on this one forum, of the star’s “sad” situation, on a thread at: Facepunch. There are many talented and funny pics, including one posted of Keanu being surrounded by cats. They’re trying to cheer him up! :-D

NICE! :-)