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The World Of Memes!

July 16, 2010

When it comes to what’s new, what’s popular, what’s mainstream, I’m always the last to find out! It’s not that I’m one of those people, listening to crappy underground music, and pretending that I’m not one of the crowd (“and therefore, I’m more enlighten and free-thinking than the huddled masses!”)… No! I miss out on things, because I’m usually a huge nerd, with my nose in a manga or video game! :-p

But recently (and slowly), I have been catching on to this internet thing called, “memes”!  An Interenet Meme (pronounced “mi’m”, rhymes with “cream”) is an concept, hyperlink, or digital file that is spread all over and propagandized. It’s usually a saying, a joke, a funny video clip, an old weird video, an altered or original funny image, and many more. But the end result is, it’s usually an inside joke that a huge chunk of  internet users are in on. ;-)

If not for my best friend, I’d would have never found out about some of these. But, here was one that I found out, on my own…

 ~ Rick-Rolling

I kept hearing everyone on forums mentioning, “Rick-rolling”. I had no idea what it was, and I thought it was something dirty. But, it’s not! I looked it up and what I found was a simple prank, an internet bait-and-switch. It starts with a link to an old 80’s music video, “Never Gonna Give You Up”, by Rick Astley. You pretty much tell your friend, “Hey, I have a link to the new Star Wars preview!”, or whatever MUCH cooler thing you and your friend are into. You give them the link to the video (which can sometimes be cleverly modified with url-tools, to have a different descriptions at the end of the link) and when they click it, hoping to see the much awaited preview, they get Rick Astley dancing around and singing, in 80’s style! And some videos are coded, so you can’t click it away, until the song is done… it’s a lot annoying, as I’ve gotten rick-rolled so many times, that I know the whole damn song! :-o

~ Cheer Up, Keanu!

 This meme was one of the first posts I had written about here. More on that one here (2010-06-16: Keanu Reeves Day). But this one was most enjoyable, though annoying to some who are not fans of Keanu. Because, Sad-Keanu showed up EVERYWHERE, even on anime forums! Some would stop in the middle of a forum debate, to post this one and say, “See, you made Keanu sad, dude!”, to win the argument! :-p

 ~Haters Gonna Hate

This one is a catch-phrase (followed by hundreds of cute and funny pics to illustrate) about one’s disregard for negative comments from an hostile individual or group. This one comes from the American Hip-Hop scene, especially from the hip-hop group 3LW’s song, “Playas Gon’ Play”. In spite of it’s origins, I enjoy this catch-phrase, because it speaks the truth! Haters are going to hate, otherwise they wouldn’t be called, “haters”. The same thing as, “Surgeons are going to do surgery” and “Teachers are going to teach”. It’s stating an obvious fact. Not to mention, this phrase makes me giggle. :-)

 ~ The Trololo Guy

And my newest discovery (thanks to my best friend) is the Trololo guy! It’s an old video of a Russian singer in the 1979, Eduard Khil, singing an non-lexical vocable version of the song “I Am Glad, Cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home”. It’s a meme, because the video is weird and so is Khil’s movements, as he “sings”  the song with a smile unwavering from his face. It’s creepy, hypnotic, and strangely entertaining! Once you’ve seen the video, you’ll NEVER forget it! :-o

It’s also dubbed as the “Russian Rick-Roll”, because it can be used in that way. And when you’ve been hit, it’s term is, “trololo’d”! Though, this one is less annoying, because the song is catchy. ;-)

There are many more memes out there. I’ll post them as I come across them. But I can’t leave without mentioning the first meme, that I had ever ran across on the net!

What you say?! :-p

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