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For The People!

April 25, 2011

I have often been asked the question of, why do I feel the need to stand up for and fight for the freedoms of others. In this blog, I have ranted and stood up for the rights of others who don’t match my own religious beliefs, race, or my own situations in life. And I do so with such passion, empathy, determination, as if their troubles were my own.

The simple answer is, I believe that we are all connected to each other, in spite of our differences. I may not share the same beliefs, the same lifestyles, the same cultural background, or travel in the same circles of the people that I speak up for. But they are human beings, just like I am one, and therefore I feel as though they are my brothers and sisters all the same. And I couldn’t fathom myself just standing still and not speaking up when I see my siblings being trampled on. :-/

I don’t have a political party that I am loyal to, but I guess it’s safe to say that I lean on the liberal side of things more. I do vote, but never strictly just Democrat or Republican. I vote only for the candidates that speak for the people the most, for the majority of the issues that matter the most to me and for the working-class that are in my circle of everyday life. The Rep. versus Dem. fight is a lot juvenile to me and shame on both parties for it! I pay little attention to those squabbles and a politician will lose me, if they get too much into that debate, instead of doing the right things by those who voted them in.

My need to speak on others rights, in spite the fact that my own race, religion, lifestyle, etc is not in the middle of these political storms, is out of empathy for another human being. I speak (or write), because I can and it’s my First Amendment right to, as an American. I do not like the hate speech of others, of blogs and sites that are there to spread hate and ignorance of another race, religion, sexual orientation, and creed. But the First Amendment protects such sites, therefore if they have a right to spread hate, I have a right to spread love and understanding. :-p

Here’s an example… Some months back, I had found a chat-room for friendship and wandered in. The chat-room was full of very funny people, upbeat, and always cheerful. Though, they had very little tolerance for opposing opinions or thoughts. A person came into the room, shouting how much Charlie Sheen was a good role-model for all young people of the world, and how the actor is the greatest American of all. He went on to say that all children should be raised by Charlie Sheen and he wished to be as great of an American as him. I feel sorry for Charlie and his decent into troubles of late, with drugs abuse and legal issues. And of basically losing his mind, his show, and his self respect. :-(

But, everyone responded to this chatter with agitation and aggression, calling the guy “a sad man, who must hate yourself!” And telling him to go away, claiming that he was not an real American, and flat out telling him that he was bringing down the whole room. He seemed use to this kind of negativity, even feeding off the attention he was getting. He was most likely a chat-room troll, someone stating outrageous things in the purpose to disrupt a chat-room. :-o

But, something inside of me decided to calm the masses and look at it at different perspective, to play a little “Devil’s Advocate”, as shouting at this guy wasn’t helping the room at all. First of all, I made the statement that being a true American means having the right to speak one’s mind, even if what one is saying is outrageous to the majority. So I pointed out to the room that this individual was indeed American, in my view, and is only expressing his opinion on Charlie Sheen. The guy was taken aback for a bit and said, “Thank you, Dani.” And I replied to him, “Don’t thank me too soon! LOL! I agree with the others, that you are nuts in thinking that Charlie Sheen is any kind of role-model! But I agree that as an American you have a right to that opinion and thought all the same. I may disagree, but I’m entitled to that right as well.” He thank me again, regardless, calming down and not speaking of his opinion for the rest of the chat.  Although, every day he would come into chat, he would start up again on his rant, causing a stir once again. But if I was in the room, he’d calm down and chat normally with the rest of us. :-)

I think the world would be a better place, if we could learn to deal with differences of opinions a lot better, to try and tolerate and understand, rather than to form angry mobs against the one or two persons with a different view. Sure, my way of speaking to this chatter like a human being didn’t stop him from trying to stir up trouble in the chat-room, but I could tell that he was not use to positive attention. And because I had respect for him, he tried his best to show respect for me, by not disrupting the room too much when I was there.

And for all of my life, I’ve been this way, of trying to understand those around me first and to have less snap judgments. Not that I’m perfect, by any means! I have my judgments about certain things and certain people. But in general, race, religion, most philosophies, sexual orientation, creed and career statues, are not things that I make judgments on nor do it shape my opinion on these small differences. And I believe that, as an American, oppression and bias against these little differences are wholly unconstitutional.

I’m not saying that I am a angel of peace or that I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, just for my words. But, as Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” And I am never one to sit back and do nothing, if I can help it.  My message here is for everyone to STOP, think for a moment, and try to give out a little positivity towards their fellow human beings every once in a while. Love is the only way to make this world a better place for all of us.  End of hippy-rant! :-)



A Man With A Dream

January 17, 2011

Today the birthday of a man is being celebrated, who fought for racial equality, a man who had a dream that one day racial segregation and hatred would end. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born January 15th 1929. He is mostly known for fighting for civil rights of all races and for his speech given outside of the  Lincoln Memorial in 1963, titled “I have a dream”. He was also a Baptist Christian Minister, who was inspired and followed the peace teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, and was the youngest in history to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He was tragically assassinated in April 4th, 1968.

But beyond his accomplishments and the tragedy of his death, Dr. Martin Luther King was just a man who wanted freedom for everyone. He had paved the road, giving a huge leap forward in civil rights… But we are still far from reaching his dream. We are still plagued with racial differences, biases, and hatred. All men are still not considered created, or treated, equally. Dr. King’s speech on evil and good men, still implies to current times:

“When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love. Where evil men would seek to perpetuate an unjust status quo, good men must seek to bring into being a real order of justice.”

Dr. Martin Luther King is still dreaming and we should all work together to make his dream come into reality, someday. I want to live in a world where a man is not judged by the color of his skin, but for the content of his character. I want to live in a world where race and differences in cultures do not matter, but how well we treat, accept, and love each other. Don’t you? :-)

I can only remember the old freedom song and hope that someday people will stop hurting each other over little insignificance differences, things like race, creed, or religion. As the old song goes: “We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome someday. Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe. That we shall overcome someday.”



Letter To The President

September 27, 2010

I have found the White House address online, during this weekend. I’ve decided that maybe I should write a letter to the President of this country, in a last-ditch effort to get my concerns addressed. I know for a fact that the President gets millions of letters and that my letter may never reach his desk. And even if it does, it may wind up in the “circular file”, meaning the trashcan. But, I have to try, regardless. :-p

The following is my letter to him, which I will send in snail-mail, once I get the postage for it. I have edited out my personal information on it for this blog, the first few sentences explaining my full name and who I am. I never trust to put my personal information on the internet, for my own protection. I do warn you, this letter is pretty long, of course. :-)

Dear Mr. President,
(edited out personal information) – I had not been a part of politics in my youth and even at the legal age of voting, I did not vote and left the choice up to others, not really caring about who was in office or not. It wasn’t until the last Bush administration, that I became disappointed and concern about how the country was being handled. Also I had some guilt, as I didn’t take part or voice my vote in the last election, leaving it up to others to decide for me. And the people voted for a President not once, but twice, that had caused a lot of mess for this nation and affected everyone. So, by the time the new elections started, I decided to register to vote and not simply sit by and let others make a decision for me anymore. I was age 27, at the time, following the debates of the summer. The candidates were you, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Hilary Clinton, and John McCain. I must admit, I was very new to politics, in the dark to political terms and parties. I had to do a lot of  research, while following the debates, in order to keep up with the topics. Even today,  I still do not have a political party that I am strongly for.

But, I had followed the debates closely, as this was going to be my first time voting, ever. I wanted to make a clear and right choice, so that I would not merely be a complainant toward a current leader or his choices for the country, like I were for the Bush administration. Sure, I voiced a lot on internet forums on how much I didn’t like the last President’s policies and bad choices, yet I never voted for him or his opponent, as I had left my choice up to others. It was shameful to me and hypocritical, so this time I decided to take part and I wanted a CHANGE. You and Hilliary offered it, in your arguments and debates, your nicely written speeches, and strong convictions. So did McCain, but then he added an running mate, which I was not confident in nor liked. Also, he failed to touch on the subjects that matters most to me, so that’s how McCain had lost my interests.

I was honestly torn between you and Mrs. Clinton, but when Clinton was out of the the running, the obvious choice was you, Mr. Obama. I followed all of your debates, visited your campaign sites, loved the debates of your running mate, Vice President Biden. Whatever I couldn’t understand in jargon, I looked it up immediately, I educated myself on politics to the best of my ability. I wanted my vote to count and to mean something. In the autumn of 2008, I went voting for you, which was a huge feat, because I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. I had to stand in line for an hour and a half, in a crowd of people to vote, which is very difficult for a person with my disability. But even in my fears, I kept telling myself, “I can do this. This is important! I must make it through to vote for the man who is going to help heal this nation and make it better for everyone. Not just for me and my family, but for ALL people.” I made it though, I voted, and I went off to visit my therapist that day, ecstatic that I had made it and voted for the first very time!

And that night, I watched the tallying of the votes nervously, praying feverishly that you would win. And when you did, my legs turned to jelly, I was shaken.  I woke up my sleeping sister and could only mutter to her, “Obama won…”, my breath taken away. I had voted for a change, along with many others, and our voices counted! I had never been a part of something like that before! I was elated.

But, then came a time when the celebration and party was over. I had waited patiently for you to come through on the promises of your campaign: Bringing home the troops from Iraq, going after the real hot-spot of Terrorism in Afghanistan and stopping the real people involved with 9-11, a better health-care system, a healing of our fallen economy, more jobs available for people, and the DreamAct: which will give young Hispanics a chance to become legal US citizens. Not to mention, less oil and clean burning coal.

I had believed in your convictions, I was so sure that you were a man with a plan. I knew that everything wouldn’t be put into place, right away, as there are so many issues. But I had faith that in two years, many of those things would be at least actively worked on, moving forward toward completion. And it’s been almost two years, yet the only “change” that has been delivered is that the troops were bought home, finally and after a longer wait than you had previously promised. And we have a new health-care system, which is rickety (full of holes and not perfected, by a long shot) at best. There are no jobs and my city is falling under heavily in debt, to the point that our Mayor keeps trying to cut Sanitation or the Fire Department, to keep the city afloat. If you talk with anyone in my city, they will tell you that lay-offs are rampant and if a person wants a job, they have to travel way outside of the city to get one. But even if a person is able to travel to another state for a job, it isn’t a guaranteed that they will be employed, as there too many people needing jobs and not enough jobs to go around. Where are the new jobs promised and why are people still losing their homes? Meanwhile, big business are getting too many bail-outs, while the rest of us are suffering still…

Not only that, the DreamAct is stalled and racial lines are being drawn all over this country. There is a gross political game being played with the lives of human beings, young people, who just want a chance to be apart of our country. To get better education here or to help serve in our armed forces, to fight for us! And it seems that both parties, Democrats and Republicans are holding the bill as a weapon to further their own agendas and personal stances. What about the lives involved? Does anyone care about these students?

Religious wars are breaking out in this country, as Muslims are NOW coming under heavy fire, due to what a group of religious extremist did to us on 9-11, 2001. I cannot express how horrified and disturbed I was, to see so many blogs and forums of hate being created by the thousands on the internet, of groups planning to burn Qur’an or quoting, “We shouldn’t stop with that, we should burn down Mosques too! Let’s take back this nation, body by body!”. No one is stopping in their ignorance to realize that the crimes of 9-11 was done by monsters, who do not speak nor stand for the true religion of Islam. Even our last President has quoted to remind everyone, soon after the tragedy of that day, that the acts of 9-11 was the direct cause of religious fanatics and not the cause of Muslim faith.

There are so many civil rights being trampled on, in this nation, and we’re fighting among ourselves. Meanwhile, there are a lot of bad people in the world, who would like nothing more than to blow our country into kingdom come. While we’re fighting among ourselves and political games are being played, these dark forces are gathering and planning with one mind, organized and unified, getting ready for their war against us. And they don’t care if we’re Black, White, Hispanic, or so on. They don’t care which religion we are. They see us all as Americans, the enemy, and this war isn’t over. It’s only just started!

I am afraid. I am worried for the future of America. I do believe that you can do more to fix this situation, Mr. President. Or at least put an stop to the in-fighting we have here, so more pressing matters can be addressed, like fixing the economy, the health-care system, and gathering more jobs and resources for the everyday working Americans. No money and no work, equals a rise in crime and criminal activities, after all. Also, we need to focus more on Terrorism and protecting our country, as more terrorists attacks are bound to happen. I fear that another 9-11 is not far from happening again, being that the ones responsible are still out there and free to plot again.

I know that you can’t control the Senate, but you CAN put pressure on them to focus on certain civil-right bills. Our last President was known for pushing his ideas and the way he wanted to run the country, through the Senate. He had made his mistakes, including bringing our country’s economy to it’s knees, but he still took those bold movements. I think you should at least TRY to do some of the things you had promised, including the DreamAct, which got you votes from the Hispanic community. They had believed in you and depended on you for help. Don’t let them down!

Sure, many Republican are against it and are shooting down the bill. But just as bad, the Democrats are not fighting for this bill as hard as they can or should, or without a political scheme for more votes this season. I have lost my faith in Democracy, at this point, which is heart-breaking. Also, when that church in Florida wanted to burn the Qur’an and no one put an end to it, even though it threaten the safety of our troops in Afghanistan and our National Security,  I’ve lost a little more faith in your administration. I am grateful that the leader of that church didn’t go through with it, but it wasn’t from the intervention of you or your administration.

You must be a leader, Mr. President. You can’t be everyone’s friend and your job is a lot important. And like every parent has to do with their children, you have to make some tough decisions and movements for the whole of the nation, and not give into trying to please everyone. We are your children, in a sense, and America is a family. But the way things are now, you’re in a stand-still and neither party is seeing results. The Democrats are unhappy, the Republicans are unhappy, and people like me (the average people who don’t have any party affiliate at this point or care that much about politics, we just want peace and fairness!), are in despair. Please DO SOMETHING!



Thanks for reading this three page letter, even if President Obama never does. :-)



Why Can’t We Dream?

September 22, 2010

There is a reason why I don’t like politics… There is a reason why I didn’t register or vote until the age of 27. I seem to always think that politicians are just liars, power-hungry maniacs, born dictators who don’t care about the will of the people or the voices of the nation… that politicians are all just tricksters, shady business men, trying to rule the world and will say ANYTHING to get elected. This is what I thought. And this is how I feel about it, sometimes. Though, not all politicians are sneaky bastards, but the majority are. :-(

Maybe… I’m just sadden by the fact of the DreamAct bill, a bill to give Hispanic students a chance to become US citizens, wasn’t passed yesterday in the Senate. I wanted the hard-working, every day Americans, to have a chance to put to a vote on their ideas and beliefs on immigration. And I was hoping that this Senate vote would be a fair one, for that chance for “We, the People”, to decide later in mid-term elections… But it seems that there was no fair chance and it seems very suspicious to me. Politicians had added in the DADT bill, along with the DreamAct, for yesterday’s vote as one Defense Bill. For those who don’t know, DADT stands for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, a long standing military policy, which the Gay Rights groups wanted to see removed. I find it highly suspicious on why these two issues were included into one bill for voting. Neither of them was the same or dealt with the same problems. And in this way, it seemed to assure, that if a Senator voted against one, the other would have to fall too… like an tactic of “killing two birds with one stone”. That doesn’t seem right to me. :-(

I’m all for Gay rights and I am also for the DreamAct. But, I know for a fact that one issue may have more supporters, when the other may not. So, I can’t tell if the bill was rejected because the voters wasn’t for gays being open in the military or if it was because voters were against immigration! And there’s something seriously wrong and sneaky about that! :-o

The vote was close, 56-43, and the suspicious bill needed 60 to pass. And the worse thing is, neither gays or immigrants gets a fair chance! I don’t get to vote on it, in mid-term elections either… I feel like my voice has been ripped away, along with my hopes of a better future for all people. Why can’t I vote on it? Who are these people who are stopping me from saying what I feel about it? Aren’t I an American too? Or am I’m less than one, in their eyes? :-(

No… maybe they are afraid of letting it get into ballot, the American hands, because maybe there are more Americans who would say, “People are people and they have a right to a chance… a chance to get citizenship and a chance to be themselves in the military. Maybe it’s wrong of us to benefit from the spent tuition in college by and military service of illegal aliens, while at the same time not giving them a fair chance to become citizens too. Maybe it’s wrong to deny a soldier’s true sexuality, yet ask of him or her, to lay down their lives for this country and to protect us anyways.”

Has is become that the government now doesn’t trust it’s people, like it’s people do not trust the government. When is this warring of humans against humans, based on religion, sexual orientation, and skin color, going to end? When??? It’s the year 2010 and we’re no further than 1819! So many lines of hated drawn, all over this country… I weep for everyone. :-(

The DreamAct doesn’t benefit criminals, drug cartel, and all of that dumb racist crap that racist scum like to put on ALL Hispanics. In fact, the new law states that if a person have done illegal crimes or broken major laws, the DreamAct is in void to those people. So, who gets a chance with this bill? STUDENTS, law abiding students… young people of colleges and those serving in the military too, who just lack the papers to be legal in the US. Yet they are willing to serve in our US military, protecting us from the real enemies, the terrorists who want to blow up stuff and kill us all! And is there something wrong with letting those who love this country, willing to contribute to it, and willing to fight for us being granted a chance to stay here? Is there a problem with that? Really? :-(

It was just WRONG to add both issues in the same bill. It was wrong and sneaky, somehow. It would have been fair and less sneaky, if each issue stood on their own and voted on at different times, and if the vote was lost under those circumstancs… then it was simply lost. But in this way, I don’t know if those who voted against it was homophobic or just racist! Either way, it’s all bad! I feel cheated! Like a very bad con-game have just been played. And I’m not sure which is the sneaky party behind this scheme, the Democrats or the Republicans. I don’t trust either one! Maybe they’re working together on this… :-/

I’m not saying that all government and the idea of politics should be abolished. Somehow, that extreme idea seems very dangerous to me… not sure why, but I get a bad feeling about a lack of government in any society. But, a lot of these out-dated, hidden agenda, radical nit-wits need to be removed! They don’t speak for the modern population, of today’s generation or the next generation of Americans. Not all of us (actually, most of us) don’t have the old dinosaur ideas of judging people by skin color, over stereotyping one racial group, freaking out whenever there is a gay man or lesbian woman standing next to us, or type casting any one religion. I’m sad to say it, but the younger generation is less retarded about these things, than the older (who are suppose to be wiser) adults. Not to say that there isn’t a few (or more than a few) discriminatory people within my generation too. But, they are a lot less common than in the older generation.

I am ranting because I am highly disappointed. I am sadden with how the Defense Bill was handled. And I’m not sure which issue made things difficult for which issue, the reason for the bill being shot down. Also, there was a third thing added, which I am not sure was the cause of it… of legalizing abortion for a few Military Hospitals. So, I don’t know if the gays in the military sunk the boat or the immigration issue was the one to torpedo it. But if neither was the case, the abortion issue would have done it, for sure! Either way, two sets of dreamers were denied today and hope is lost…. All for political gain, grand-standing, and play. And it’s a good ploy for BOTH parties (Reps and Dems) to benefit from, as both can use this bill and it’s failure as an weapon, to gain votes away from each other in the mid-terms now. :-(

Shouldn’t human beings and civil rights matter more, than politics and fighting over who gets elected? When will the back-bitting and games end? I feel very sad for this country and the people within it. It seems that madness, greed for power, a political warfare have taken over. And we are caught in a firestorm of endless hated and ignorance…


Note: And no, I am not Hispanic or Lesbian, so don’t even go there. I care about ALL people. When you deny the rights of one group of human beings, you really deny the rights of all! We’re all connected. :-/


Tea, Anyone?

July 9, 2010

This is an old rant, that I posted on reddit, months ago. Of course, not many were interested in it, or voted for it, or commented. Only my crazy friend, which him and I had a mock-fight in comments (totally hilarious!) on it, only in sheer boredom of the site. :-p

But, I do believe that my argument have some merit, even if it’s just what I feel and see about it. So, I’m posting it here, where it belongs… in my own stash of opinions and beliefs. Oh… and tea-baggers beware! You won’t like this one, so please DO leave this page now…  and never return! You’ve been warned. :-p

To Hell With Tea-Baggers!

Just another sign that the world is slipping into madness… I never thought I would ever wince at the term, “Tea Party” before…. or just the mere mention of the word, “tea”. :-o

I admit it, I’m not all that girly and I’ve only enjoyed a few tea parties growing up. It was fun with the little pink tea-set that my mother gave me, for about fifteen minutes… before I abandoned the dolls and my little sister at the table, to go hunting for bugs in the garden, a mayonnaise jar with holes punched into it’s lid.

As I got older, I learned about The Boston Tea Party in history class,  and it was a very fun read for me! First, any defiance against authority is “AWESOME” to a kid. Second, it was a start of an American Revolution, of this country’s freedom from the rule of England, and it’s tax on tea! The event STOOD FOR SOMETHING REAL, in other words.

But this new “Tea Party” gang, imho, is a joke! A bunch of rich and white bratty kids, and their elders, using a good example of what it means to be an American for an their own whiny agendas. They are mostly all born “privileged”, with a silver spoon in their mouths, complaining that their taxes may have to be a bit more, to the point that they can’t buy that extra diamond tiara they wanted or that extra new yacht. Poor babies!!!

Meanwhile, they support stupid-ass laws, that affect the working class citizens of the country. Not to mention laws that step on the civil rights of others, like the horror that was born in Arizona, of the state adopting an racial profiling law of harassment and racial targeting! I guess, there isn’t enough brown-people who are rich enough to join the Tea-Baggers, so of course they  would only care about their own, as they support this law with smug smiles!

Funny thing is, the colonists of the original Tea Party were all blue-colored, working class citizens, who didn’t want to be taxed by England, because it would drained their livelyhood… not that their expensive taste would have to take a backseat, during this tough economic time!

For the rest of us, who have to cut back, pay our taxes, and having to come down to, “Can we do with less food, or without an utility this month, to make it by with the rent or mortgage?” Or those who are in more dire straights, trying to figure out when they will lose their houses or jobs, or both! It seems very arrogant, selfish, and immature that the Tea Baggers are not just shutting up and paying their taxes, doing without a trip to New Zealand or any high-priced vacation this year, and being glad that they have food on their table, cars in their huge garage, a huge house over their heads, and all the utilities that they can afford. Everyone is being pinched by the screw-up of the last administration, big bankers, and wall street brokers. But, I guess they can’t live like the rest of us, without those extra perks to being rich… of spending whatever, paying an laughable size tax for their income, and ruling the country. Apparently, they should be exempt from having to adjust their lives a little, like the rest of us have to, in order to make it by in today’s economy!

So they gather up and take a name and example of something noble, mucking up that great name of a key event in American’s History. And for what? Because the rich doesn’t want to be taxed, but it’s okay if the working class and the poor to get taxed and have to make do? :-(

So, for now, whenever I hear the word “tea”, see an bottle of Snapple green-tea (or worse yet, a can of Arizona tea!!!), or I see an tea-set… I pretty much grumble like Sideshow Bob, after he’s stepped on a rake! Pretty sad, that the world has come to this… =p

Thanks for reading my rant. ;-)



Politics – Parlor Tricks!

July 8, 2010

I love using my brain and figuring out opposing sides to any one argument. This is why I have a love for the law and also the flow of a courtroom  proceeding. I also don’t mind real debates, where there is a moderator, and each opponent have to follow set rules on debating the topic.

Politics may seem a lot like debating or courthouse proceedings, but it’s not. Politicians have the option to attack each other, during campaigning, and also it’s common for them to LIE. :-(

In a formal debate, it’s against the rules to lie or make it up as one goes along. Also attacking the other opponent (or yourself!) is a huge no-no! Doing so, will cause you to be disqualified! And the same goes for lawyers in courtrooms, they’re not allowed to personally attack each other (Prosecutor against Defense Attorney) and they can get reprimanded by the Judge for doing so. Also lying or misrepresenting evidence to the court carries some VERY serious consequences, including an lawyer losing their license, if not being sentenced to some jail-time too! :-/

But, in politics, a politician can and do get away with making false promises, misrepresenting themselves, and also spreading untrue rumors about the next guy. And the general public, we the voters, often put up with this… even though it’s not accepted on a high-school debate team or inside of a courtroom. :-o

I have no political party that I belong to. You’ve heard me! I have no ties one party or another, never did. And until the last election, I didn’t even vote or was registered to. So, why did I decide to get registered and vote, finally at the age of 28? Because I was tired of Bush’s antics and complained the whole time, during his Presidency. I had decided to get off my dusty butt, stop complaining, and DO SOMETHING about it!

I registered first, and THEN I carefully checked out the candidates and listened carefully to what each party were offering. I had no party, still don’t, but I just didn’t want to whine for another four years about some jerk in The White House. Obama had the best arguments and promises, so I voted for him. Plus, McCain screwed up by choosing a bimbo for his running mate, showing that he had very poor judgment. Had he not, McCain would have won, I am certain! :-p

But… alas… politics are politics. No matter who the person is, their race, their background, or even their gender, the fact is that politics are simply tricks and gimmickes…. Some politicians of the past did try and made an effort to keep their promises, as history shows that. But they never seem to keep ALL or every single one of them. These were just promises to get votes. :-/

In the next election, I’m not sure who I’ll be voting for. It could be Obama again or someone else. It depends on how many campaign promises are met, before the next term, if any will be.

This is why I don’t like politics… because what you vote for, rarely is what you get. Like the mirror warns, “Objects may appear larger than what they actually are”… :-p