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The PC Game Graveyard?

May 25, 2011

I often wonder, what happens to PC games after they die? It’s not the games are bad, only with today’s advancing technology, many of our old favorites will not work on the new laptops with faster processing speeds and better video card capabilities. It’s a lot sad, and funny in a way, that a game is forever doomed to a drawer because our new computers are just too good to run the old platforms. :-/

So, here’s my tribute to the fallen PC games that has bought me lots of joy, before technology made them so obsolete. I would still like to play these titles, but alas, they will not work with my good processor, fast memory, and brilliant video card. :-(

– Commander Blood – 1996

This was a very strange, yet fun, first person game with 3-D animation. The plot: you are a commander of a space ship, named Commander Blood (of course), and you work for a guy named Bob Morlock. Bob is a biochemical mastermind and founder of a massive corporation named Kanary. Knowing that his time is ending, Bob’s dying wish is to see The Big Bang, the moment of the universe’s creation. That’s a very tall order, I know, but Commander Blood goes searching for The Big Bang per his dying boss request. On Blood’s trip, he lands on different planets in space, meeting many different and odd space creatures, that reminds me a lot of any Jim Henson movie. It was a very interesting game that kept me well entertained. :-)

 – Shivers II: Harvest Of Souls – 1997

This a horror themed PC game, featuring a series of rock music videos, by a fictional band named Trip Cyclone. It starts off with you, the player, checking into one spooky hotel in a very eerie desert town. An unfriendly clerk at the front desk gives you a message left by someone unknown, claiming “I have your friends, only a warrior can save them.” And your friends are the rock band. You fall asleep in your hotel room, have a very disturbing nightmare about a car accident and a body, and wake up to realize that everyone in town are missing! To find your friends and free the town from a very evil monster, you must follow the rock music videos that hold the clues, left behind by your friends. It’s a very creepy game, but the music is actually kind of cool and puzzles are not easy to solve.

 – Hugo’s House Of Horrors – 1990

There is a series of Hugo games, but the one that I first started out was House of Horrors. It is a very Q-basic style game, using  the arrow keys to move your character and typing in word commands for every action. For example, “open door” to cause that action to happen. But you had to use good common sense and precise directions to get through any board. For the following screen-shot, it starts out that you’re locked outside of the house and the key is located inside the pumpkin. So, the commands are, “get pumpkin”, “drop pumpkin” (thus smashing the  item), “get key” (which was hidden within said pumpkin), “use key” (unlocking the door), “open door”. Yes, it was very tedious, but it kept me a lot engaged, as a teen. Though, I never made it to the ending… and I never will since that game doesn’t work on my system anymore. :-(

I often think about these games, especially as I still have the disks or cd to these games. I often wish to have another go at Commander Blood or to try and get the “good” ending of Shivers II… I had always got the evil ending to that one. But alas, the moment is over. I must mourn the death of these very weird, yet interesting PC games. :-/

Though it makes me wonder… in a few years, will my Sims games become obsolete, with all of the new advancements in computers? God, I hope not! I’d hate to be an old woman, trying to explain to my grandkids of the day, where we had this funny little game called “The Sims 3”. But knowing Maxis, by the time I have grandkids, there will be “The Sims 15”. ;-)

Off topic… Along with my old games are hundreds of floppies full of clip-art! I don’t know why I loved animated GIFs so much, back in the 90’s, but I have around 50 cases of floppies full of them! GIFs for every holiday, season, and subject too! Ah… those crazy times and memories. I’m so much more grown up and sophisticated now… I collect hundreds of jpeg’s from Google images and save it on my usb drive! :-p



32-Bit Of Fun, part 2!

March 9, 2011

Here’s a second installment of  the video games of my childhood. I couldn’t let the other post rest where it stood, because I didn’t get into my first beloved RPGs and it would be a crime to end it there. So, here’s another trip down memory lane! :-)

Chrono Trigger – (Super Nintendo) –

This main character, Chrono, never seems to have any dialog. Yet he is not lacking of great personality and charm. This was one of the first RPGs (role-playing games), that I had experienced. As in all RPG’s, the main objective of the game is to meet new friends, grow emotionally and spiritually together, face pass demons, and then take down the main evil boss of the game together. Though with Chrono Trigger, the quest takes place with time travel and time-machines.

Legend Of Zelda – (Super Nintendo) –

Honestly, this was a game that got on my last nerves. I would play it for a few rounds, get killed, and then give up. But my sister seemed to have loved it, along with so many others. I do remember the music of this game, along with my agitation for it. But I thought to mention it anyways, for classic-sake. :-)

Ren & Stimpy: Veediots – (Super Nintendo)-

Before the crazy antics of Spongebob and Patrick, there was the duo of a Chihuahua named Ren and a house-cat named Stimpy. And they were quite popular in my time, also their show had a lot more brain-dead comedy than Spongebob could ever hope to have. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not… but just stating facts here. So, many fans had a copy of at least one of their video games, back in the day. I was no exception! I enjoyed this platforming game very much, even though I never made it to it’s ending. “Happy happy, joy joy!” ;-)

Final Fantasy 6 – (Super Nintendo) –

Final Fantasy is a well known brand for RPGs. And it’s rare any game of this massive series to suck, though it has happened a few times. But what makes this particular chapter stand out is it’s Opera House scene, performed by the blonde female character named Celes. Not only does the player have to remember her lines for the opera piece, but they have to make sure to do so in a timely fashion, before the music score moves on with our heroine standing on stage like a fool and speechless. It was a new gaming interaction of it’s time, back in 1994, and remains one of the most unique side-quests within a RPG.

The Adventures Of Mighty Max – (Sega) –

This was a pretty popular British toy, back in the early 90’s, which was created into a cartoon series and video games in order to promote the Mighty Max brand toys. The cartoon series aired from 1993 to 1994 and the plot of the story is that a young preteen boy named Max receives a mysterious package in the mail. He opens it to find a statue of a fowl, with Egyptian Hieroglyphs inscribed on it, claiming him to be the “cap-bearer” of a magical red hat. And hat has the ability to transport Max back in time. From that day on, Max travels in time and solves mysteries of the past, while trying to escape and defeat the monsters that want the power of his hat. This video games is along that plot, but featured the friends of Max, Bea and Felix. I missed out on owning any of the Mighty Max toys, but I did have this video game and also loved the cartoon. :-)

Balloon Fight – (Super Nintendo) –

This was the game that had me hooked at an arcade, when I was just a little girl. I loved it’s music and would laugh, after a few rounds and I’d lose all of my balloons and crash into the water. And then I feed a lot of quarters into the machine. The object of the game is to pop as many balloons on the back of birds, while trying not to get your own balloons popped. It sounds easy enough, but it’s not! I’ve had the pleasure of playing this game again, as an adult, and I suck worse at the game now than I did as a little girl! But… it does have a very catchy tune. ;-)

Shinobi 3: Return Of The Ninja Master (Sega)

This is just one of these games, that was highly addictive, well loved, and often played as a teen. My sister and I were no exceptions to the rule and we’d actually have lightweight arguments over who’s turn it was to play next. This game had it all: Ninjas, throwing-stars, swords and daggers, battles on horses, eyeball covered tentacle monsters, guns and jet-skis! It was easy to forget the objective of the game, which was to hunt down the hero’s arch nemesis and crime syndicate boss, Neo Zeed. =p

Well, thanks for reading the second installment of my teenage summer pastime, of staying indoors and sitting in front of the tv screen! They say that video games can rot a person’s brain, but I haven’t found any scientific evidence to support that claim, thus far. ;-)



32-bit Of Fun!

March 8, 2011

Before the days of 3-D rendering, motion sensory, wireless controllers, and real time strategy, we had very simple means of video games. The classics were 16 or 32 bit rendering images, often side-scrolling, turn-based strategy games. Movement within a gaming environment was limited, compared to today’s mapping, and the background music was often a series of blips and beeps on a very primitive sound card. Today, video games are scored by actual orchestra sessions and recorded in a music studio somewhere. Still, these were the games that we loved so much, grew up with, and still hum the theme songs to.  ;-)

I thought it would be fun to write a post, reminding today’s gamers on just how far we’ve came in gaming, before 3-D rendering was ever imagined or before a time that live-concerts performed the musical score of video games. The following is just a small list of some of the games I grew up with:

Zero Tolerance (Sega Genesis) –

This was the army based first-shooter, way before “Call of Duty”. The objective of the game is that a bunch of military personnel are sent to cover up an alien attack on a space-station. Armed with guns, ammo, and grenades, your job was to go in, clear each floor of the station, before the ship blows up. I am proud to say, I had made it through to the end of this game, as a teen. The ending was “meh”, but the music theme and flashbacks of a character’s pixelated leg swinging out in a frenzy (whenever I ran out of ammo and had to fight off blood sucking aliens by hand… or foot), is still in my memory. ;-)

Super Mario – (Nintendo) –

I think it’s nearly impossible for any gamer to have not played Mario! Even for the younger generations, there have been newer versions of the Italian plumber and his brother Luigi, traveling through sewer pipes, bursting up brick walls with their heads (ouch!), and flattening Goombas. Yoshi was introduced later in the series, along with a few other characters, but way back when… it was just Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and King Koopa. And the theme song for this game had it’s own lyrics, by the late 80’s, due to the tv show aptly named, “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show”. Cue the music and sing along, “Swing your arms, from side to side. Come on, it’s time to go. Do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. Let’s do the Mario, all together now. Come on now! Just like that!” :-p

Cool Spot – (Sega Genesis)  –

This was an obvious ploy to advertise the sale of 7-Up soda to children. Yet, I can’t deny that this game was a lot cool. The little red dot character, with dark sunglasses for eyes, had an cute little personality of his own. The whole objective of the game was to get through each game board, full of puzzles, platforms, and deadly enemies, to rescue fellow Cool Spots from cages at the end of the round. And in the end, they did a dance together, free to peddle their carbonated and surgery soft drinks to children everywhere. ;-)

Sonic The Hedgehog – (Sega Genesis) –

Well before Crash Bandicoot, Sonic was the first side scrolling hero with an attitude. This game was not unlike the usual side-scrolling, ring gathering, enemy bashing games that were already out there, like Cool Spot and Super Marion.  But the big attraction to this game was Sonic’s speed, not common within any other game. The little blue hedgehog had the ability to scroll fast through any board, leaving the player to rely on luck and well timed movements, to collect rings, items, and bash enemies without falling off cliffs or into spiked traps. I was able to beat this game and it’s main boss, Dr. Robotnik, after many afternoons sitting in front of the tv on summer break. And I have to be honest, my eyes were a lot dizzy and tired from all the high speed loop-de-loops of various boards… but the ending was SO worth it!

Streets Of Rage (Sega Genesis) –

This game blew me away, when it was first released, back in 1991. It was a side-scrolling game, yet a fighting based one all the same! Before this game, you either had one or the other, but usually not both! The objective of the game was to fight your way through each board, to reach the final boss of Mr. X, leader of a crime syndicate that was terrorizing the city. This game was considered “violent” in it’s day, as you punched, kicked, and used weapons in street style fighting, in order to reach the end. Granted, I had enjoyed hitting gang members with pipes or tossing a pocket knife into them, from time to time. But as far as violent games go, there were no blood and once the enemies fell that was it. Unlike this next video game…

Mortal Kombat (Sega Genesis) –

This fighting game was so cool, that they spelled “combat” with an K. It was one of the most violent video games of the 90’s. Any player’s goal wasn’t simply to beat the boss at the end, but to pull off as many “fatality” moves within the game as possible. Of course, the fatality-feature was not the core point of the plot or even necessary for advancing in the game. But we were all juvenile teens who just couldn’t get enough kicks out of eviscerating our opponents to no end, in order to celebrate our victory over them. Fatalities could only be preformed in the game, AFTER beating the opponent in a round and the announcer says, “Finish him!” In a matter of seconds, you had to type in the special sequence of buttons and arrow keys, in order to over-kill your opponent. This includes, but not limited to:  severing your opponent’s  head from his  body; beating him with his own spinal cord; freezing him to death, then breaking the ice, and thus scattering chunks of his body across the screen; ripping your opponent and half, leaving his lower half still standing. And much more. I enjoyed doing the fatality moves, giggling like an evil little girl, as my opponent was horribly killed. This game didn’t teach us to be good winners, that’s for sure. Yet, we turned out alright. :-p

Jurassic Park (Super Nintendo) –

The music of this game will forever be burned into my brain! I had spent hours, within my teenage summers, trying to beat this forsaken game. I never made it… But, it was a very enjoyable game, regardless of the many times I got eaten by dinosaurs. I would like to take another shot at it, if it was possible. This game was based on the book by Michael Crichton, which was later turned into a movie. The objective of the game was to collect raptor eggs, while turning on the park’s power, and rebooting the computer systems in an attempt to escape the island.

There were many more games I had enjoyed, more from Sega, but a few others from Nintendo and SNES. I wish I could add them all, but this post is getting a little long. But, there’s always next time. ;-)



A Cursed Town

October 13, 2010

I have once posted about this video game, in another forum. But, I will post about it here, as I do give this particular game my horror-salute! This is one of the most scariest video games, EVER! And keep in mind, I don’t scare easily. :-p

The game is called, “Silent Hill”, which is about a town cursed. By what or how, that remains unclear. There is a background story of the town being built on cursed Native American land. Also, there was a prison built on that land, thereafter. But in the movie, the story is that the town is cursed by the spirit of an abused little girl who once lived there. The real full background story of this game is very obscured. Which only adds to the confusion and horrifying complexity of this game series. The real story could be all three scenarios and something more. :-o

But what is clear, this game starts with a character finding themselves in an abandoned foggy town. In the first game, there was a father and his daughter, who gets into an car accident on the road outside of Silent Hill. He wakes up to find that his daughter is missing and goes looking for her in the eerie town. But, quickly finds out that he’s not alone, as monsters and demons are hidden all over the place. And worse yet, he can’t leave the town to get help, because the roads leading out of the town has disappeared. And in the second Silent Hill, the town grows darker, actually luring victims into it’s hell. A man is lured there, with a letter from his dead wife, claiming that she is alive and well, waiting for him.

This town is full of twisted creatures, like the Puppet Nurse (as seen in the photo above); the Mannequin, which is two feminine human torso and legs, that attack; the Grey Children, faceless childlike monsters, who carry knives and will attack; the Lying Figure, a humanoid like monster, that struggles in a straight-jacket made out of it’s own flesh. It can damage your character’s health greatly, as it spews acid from it’s chest. There are so many more monsters, listed at: List Of Silent Hill Monsters

But, the most frightening of them all is Pyramid Head, a very huge and non-killable demon, who’s sole purpose is to execute you! He carries an impossible huge and long sword, called “The Knife”, and if that weapon connects with your character it means instant death! Game over and you have to start all over again. And because this weapon is so long, standing far away from Pyramid head is never far enough! :-p

He is called Pyramid Head, because of the metal triangular shaped helmet that he wears. He’s extremely fast and his hated knows no bounds. He also attacks and brutally rips apart other female monsters, in this town. So, he is a very demented demon, with an issue against women too. The only way to survive and encounter with Pyramid Head is to RUN!!! And if you can’t run anymore, then you must dodge his sword, in very precisely timed movements… Until he gets tired and then you have time to RUN AWAY some more. :-p

But… if the monsters weren’t terrifying enough, the makers of this game decided to add in a few more goodies. For one, this game is highly gritty and it’s hard to see, due to low lighting and the fog everywhere. As a player, your visibility in the environments are hugely handicapped. In dark areas, you are only equipped a small flashlight, which will only allow you to see a few feet in front of you, making it very difficult for you to spot monsters ahead of time. Also, the developers of this game added in something called, “Noise Effect”. The noise effect acts like a film grain filter, giving the game a constant sense of noise and presence, especially in the dark. So common items, like pipes, walls, and posters can appear as monsters from afar, and vice versa.

You are given a radio, which buzzes every time there is a monster nearby, but the developers mess with the sound of this game, greatly handicapping that sense also. They have added in sounds of heavy breathing, or sounds of faint rustling in dark hallways, making it hard to distinguish monster from sound-effect. And in the “Otherworld” episodes of the game (where a player is transported into the demon dimension of the town), the music is much louder, which makes it harder to hear the radio or sound effects. Also the soundtrack of the game is both eerie and creepy, on it’s own. This makes for a psychological terrifying gaming environment. :-/

There are seven games in the series, on several different consoles (PlayStation, PlayStation2, Playstation3, Sony PSP, Xbox, XBox360, Nintendo Wii, and PC), plus one more to be released soon in 2011, which will bring the total to eight.

I have never made it past Silent Hill 2! And I will not buy any of the others in the series… because I am chicken! I just barely made it past the second one, with my heart intact, as this game causes me to have panic attacks. That’s right, PANIC ATTACKS! No video game, in history, has ever frighten me as much as this series. This is why I respect it. :-)



A Twisted Wonderland

October 11, 2010

In the year 2000, I saw this game sitting on the shelf, in a office supply store. I was not there to buy computer games, oddly enough, but I was in that store  to help my mother shop for office supplies. So, I walked down an aisle, looking for a print cartridge for a printer, and that’s when I passed this dark-looking box. It had a picture with a little girl wielding a knife, standing next to an emaciated and heavily tattooed cat, and in the background Behon this box was a blood red heart, suggesting that something sinister was happening in their world.

I knew from the girl’s blue dress and the huge twisted letters of “Alice”, that this was an Alice In Wonderland game. But, what happened to Alice? Why was she so dark and dangerous now? And why was the Cheshire Cat so skeletal like and more creepy than usual? What had happened in Wonderland? And, I stared at the box for several minutes, trying to answer those questions in my mind. I don’t know how long I had stood there, but after a while, I did snap myself out of it. I grabbed the box and went rushing to ask my mother to buy it for me.

Needless to say, I came home with the game that day and fell into a twisted and darker version of my favorite childhood world. In this game, Wonderland has fallen under a new horrifying darkness of The Red Queen, triggered by Alice’s own descent into madness over the loss of her parents. This is NOT a game for children, rated M for Mature, as the game is very violent and bloody, with some disturbing images. 

The sweet little Alice is not present in this game, instead a very cold and knife-wielding Alice is the main character. Her dress is obviously splatted with blood, as she hacks her way through her foes. And the Cheshire Cat is more glib and apathetic than usual, dropping in with riddles for Alice from time to time. Many of his quotes, I do love! For example, “Those who say there’s nothing like a nice cup of tea for calming the nerves never had ‘real’ tea. It’s like a syringe of adrenaline straight to the heart!”, “Here’s a riddle: When is a croquet mallet like a billy club? I’ll tell you: Whenever you want it to be.”, and “I’m afraid I have to expel a rather ferocious hairball. You’re on your own, girl.”

Of course, the most known characters of the story are included in this game, as twisted versions of themselves. For her allies: The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat, The March Hare, The Dormouse, The Caterpillar… and a few other lesser known characters from Lewis Carroll’s book, like The Mock Turtle and The White King and Queen. The villains are: The Dutches, Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum, The Jabberwock, and The Mad Hatter. My favorite Mad Hatter quote: “I like what I do, as the same as I do what I like, don’t you agree? So I do!” ;-)

This game also has a lot of dark music, composed by Chris Vrenna. It’s another album that I enjoy listening to, during the October month. For example, here’s one of my favorite songs called: Skool Daze

There is also an Alice sequel, planned to be released sometime in 2011. Not only for the PC, but it will be available on gaming consoles, like Playstation3 and XBox 360. And of course, I will have it pre-ordered, once the release date is announced. There is also a movie planned, based on the PC game, but no word of it’s development. That’s a movie I would love to see, for sure! :-)



The Great Wolf God

October 7, 2010

While going through my mp3s, I had stumbled across my old “Okami” Soundtrack, and thought of this post. Okami is an old Playstation 2 video game, released back in 2007. My sister was the one who suggested the game to me, but when I bought it, I didn’t think it was going to be much. It was not heavily advertised or talked about on video gaming sites… not at first, anyways. But this game turned out to be the most unique video gaming experience ever! :-)

Okami literally means, “great god” and it’s Kanji spelling (Japanese characters) also stand for “wolf”. So, it’s a double meaning title, when put together it means “great wolf god”. And the main character of this story is Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, in the form of a wolf. But,  it’s not only the title and main character that makes this game unique, it gets even better!

Most of the gaming story is set in classic Japanese history, legends, and lore. Also the graphic style is in Sumi-e, an East Asian type of brush painting, otherwise known as “wash painting”. So, it’s like playing a video game through ancient Japanese art! And the music is also in traditional Japanese style, so while playing the game, you do feel like you’re back in time, in Olde Japan.

Another cool feature is, the “Celestial Brush” which allows you – the player-, to draw things into the game, in order to finish quests or advance to new levels.

And with these unique features, Okami became a cult-classic. But many fans urged it to be expanded to the newer gaming systems. At first the makers of Okami and Capcom (a popular video gaming company) ignored the cries on message boards. But then an version of Okami was created for the Nintendo Wii and a sequel to the game was created for Nintendo DS. I haven’t gotten the sequel yet… but soon! It will be released in 2011. ;-)

If you are a fan of all things Japan, then Okami is a must have! Or if you’re into quest gaming (like The Legend Of Zelda) and enjoy foreign cultures, this game is for you also. It is heavy in Japanese references and history, some of it is explained in the game, while other hints will encourage you to go searching for that information in Google, on your own. Either way, it’s not a boring game, with TONS of quests and side-quests, which means lots of fun. :-)



A Life Of Sims

August 24, 2010

For those who don’t know, The Sims is a life-simulation computer game, where you create the characters and run their lives. You can create a Sim to look like you or the opposite, single or married, fat or skinny. I have been a fan of The Sims, since the original game was released back in 2000. But the Sims have come a far ways from where I started! :-)

I am now enjoying the latest of the version, The Sims 3, and it’s expansion packs “Ambitions” and “World Adventures”. In The Sims 3, you have the ability to choose the different traits of your created Sim’s personality. For example, I’ve made my female Sim with traits of: “brave”, “artistic”, “bookworm”, “friendly”, and with one flaw of “over-emotional”. And the male Sim (husband), I’ve made him with the traits of: “brave”, “artistic”, “virtuoso” (which means he loves music a lot), “friendly”, and the flaw of “neurotic”. It makes for a very interesting couple! :-p

The wife became a great writer, who loves to write best selling books. And the husband became a great music composer for movies. I kid you not, this is in the game! As I’ve said, this game have come a long way from it’s start, where the only option for career was “newspaper reporter” and “rock star”. Now the careers are a lot more specific, with other options. And they get more specific still, with the expansion pack of “Ambitions”, where you can opt to be a fire-fighter, ghost hunter,  or sculptor, if you like.

So, my Sim-couple have pretty impressive careers, but what about the flaws? Well, the wife tends to have huge reactions to most things. When she is happy, she cheers openly. And when something is sad, she will cry… A LOT. And the husband, with the “neurotic”  flaw, tends to freak-out at random. The couple could be in a cab, heading for the movie cinema, and he will scream the whole ride there. At home, it’s quiet and my wife-Sim is on her laptop, writing her next best selling novel. Out of no where, the husband walks up behind her chair and screams, scaring both my Sim and myself! Hey, it was quiet and I had no idea that he was going to do that! :-p

Another neat thing is, with the expansion pack of “World Adventures”, my Sim-couple can travel to China, France, or Egypt for vacation. And in these very awesome environments, Sims can raid ancient tombs for treasures, shop for souvenirs, or learn songs that are commonly enjoyed by the natives. For example, my wife-Sim learned a cute song from her new friend in China. When the couple  flew home, she taught it to her husband. Now they both sing and hum it, while doing the dishes or the laundry. :-)

And yes, with “Ambitions”, Sims can do laundry! In real life, I am a laundry nut, so this feature is kind of cool to me. Sims will put their dirty clothing in a hamper (I wish people in real life was this obedient) and then there is an option to take them to the washing machine. I have both a washer and dryer in my home, which my mother had commented how state-of-the-art they looked. Yeah, baby! My Sims cheers for the machines, every time she uses it. ;-)

Another cool feature is, that Sims can visit neighbors and the environments are pretty open. For example, I can go outside to my mailbox and clearly see my neighbor’s house across from me. And if my neighbors are walking around inside their home, I can see that through their window. I swear, I’m not a peeping-tom! The neighbors should invest in blinds, is all I’m saying!

My only complaints would be, that the buildings downtown, you can’t see inside of them. So, when your Sim goes in for work or shopping, you’re locked outside and can’t see them. Also, while your Sim is driving, if there is another car in front of it, your Sim’s car will drive over it! That’s just weird, as the other car appears behind your car whole again. It would be best, if you Sim had to wait behind the other car, just like real traffic.

But, the Sims have come very far in it’s realism and programing. I can’t help but wonder what’s next for this very clever game! :-)