I’ve Moved!

March 26, 2015


This is just a little note for my new followers of late and my very old ones of the past. The Rainpuddle is my first and beloved blog on WordPress, although I no longer update it. Even so, I’ve noticed the endless views and groups of subscribers lately, which makes my heart soar with appreciation for the support and continued gander of scribbles I’ve started here in my mid 20’s (I’m in my mid-thirties now)! Thank you!

However, I feel the need to leave this notice, that I’ve graduated to another long time running blog: A Quest For Happiness. It’s a bit more personal, yet filled with my honest journey/observations about life. There’s music, jokes, information, and more heart included in my new blog. And, most of all, I tend to update that one the most. You’re free to continue following The Rainpuddle, comment, or whatnot, but I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog has finished growing and is no longer the focus of my updates. In other words, this will be my LAST post here. I’m teary-eyed about this milestone!

It’s a little annoying that I haven’t figured out how to default my current blog, A Quest For Happiness, to when I like or comment on the blogs of others, so that they may follow me if they wish to. And I believe this is what causes the confusion that The Rainpuddle is still a running site, when in reality it’s my dusty museum of my past works on WordPress. I’ll figure it out, I hope. =p

Anyway, thanks for reading and following this blog everyone! It really does make my day, when I still get pinged posts and traffic reports from this old site, even though I haven’t written in it for years. I hope to see you guys and gals on the new one, IF you’re interested, of course. Anime peace-sign ===> ^_^v



It’s Book Time!

October 12, 2012

My book has been published on Amazon.com, just in time for the Halloween season! It’s called “True Shadows” and it’s about a group of supernatural friends save a city from a plague of demons. It’s very good, if I may say so myself, without breaking too much of my own modesty.

This book has a lot of gratuitous violence and language, so it’s not anything for children, but plays to the child within us adults. My writing idol and inspiration is Quentin Tarantino, so this work of fiction can be very raw at times, yet very real. I wrote it not for the posh, but for the gritty everyday people of the world. If this book was printed, I imagine that freshmen collage students, blue collar workers, artists, and single working moms and dads would be reading it on the buses and subways, on their daily commute.

It’s available for the Kindle, but don’t worry. If you don’t own one, there is a free app you can download to your PC, phone, or tablet to read all Kindle books. Check it out here: Free Kindle Apps.
And if you have Prime Membership with Amazon, you can borrow the book for no cost. I get paid either way, so please do barrow if you want. I encourage it!

I am nervous about the launch of my first novel, yet so excited too. I’m just one step closer to living the dream! I do know that I may get a lot of heat from critics, because just like this blog I do have a little social and religious satire mixed into the story. The main plot is not my true beliefs, as I don’t believe in real demons, it’s a work of fiction. But it plays the “devil’s advocate” to what my true idea of what is “evil” or “good”, within society’s belief systems. However, I know that any critics who do comment will be connected to one important fact… They’ve read the book! And hey, love it or hate it, if a person reads what I wrote and gave it a chance, that’s all I’m shooting for in the first place. :-)

I hope you will enjoy the book, my dear readers! And thanks for giving me the added boost in my ego, for continuing to visit this blog. In fact, your visits have inspired me to create a new blog for you. Check out: The Lotus.
Many hugs and stay safe!



Chasing A Dream

September 16, 2012

It’s been another long while, since I’ve written in this blog, and it still amazes me that people continue to come here to read what I’ve posted. I have 50 new readers per week, who actually check out certain posts here, with 40 regulars who come here to read other articles. It’s highly flattering to me and therefore, I felt the need to pop in a share something special with you guys an girls. :-)

I am a writer. Yes, that’s not surprising at all, being that this was a blog that I use to update everyday with my own thoughts, opinions, and observations about life. And yet, even though they are just rants and riddles from an ordinary woman, a nobody in the literally world, people were entertained fully and felt a need to keep coming back. However, I’ve been writing since the age of nine, ever since my fourth grade teacher taught me how to put my words to paper. She recognized that I was a storyteller and would tell such entertaining stories to my peers, so she taught me how to write it down for class assignments and I was graded very well for my words, thoughts, and feelings.

At that age, I loved reading books and without any real friends among my peers, the books were my only friends. My peers all thought I was a weirdo and creepy kid. They were right, but even the weirdos of the world need friends! However, it was at this age, that I begin to dream about publishing my own book someday and that dream never faded. I also wanted to be a teacher and a FBI Agent too, but as I grew older those aspirations died, the only thing that stuck was wanting to be a published writer someday. I had dreamed of seeing my printed book on a shelf in a bookstore or library, with the logo of a publishing house on the back of it, and being able to point out to others “See? I wrote that!” And it has been my dream for all of my life, a very precious one.

So, I’ve been writing novels, short stories, drawing comics, and poems since age nine. Some are long lost, as I started out on a typewriter in ’89 and have lost many of those pages. Some I still have and they are what you’d expect from a nine year old, stories about monsters and unicorns, and one brave little girl who wins in the end and keeps the unicorns as pets. And a lot of poems and stories from my teens are on floppy disks or in very old notebooks, which I still have both in storage. They’re not very good either, just a ramble of teenage angst in the 90’s. And one story that attempted to be an emotional drama about a family, through the eyes of a twelve year old, but really turned out to be a cheesy soap opera. Yikes!

I kept writing through the ages of my youth, never stopping, but somehow along the way I lost faith in my skill. It may have been the cheesy soap opera, I don’t know, but I suddenly got the idea in my head that I’ll never be a good writer or reach my dream of publication. I kept writing anyway, because I really do enjoy it and it’s my passion, but then a funny thing happened. When I became an adult, my peers kept telling me that I am a good writer and not only that, they wanted more and more. It got to the point that people only became my friends, so I would write stories for them personally and privately. Even though it’s a compliment to my skills, it was a lot painful to me to be wanted and valued for what I could do and not because of who I am as a person. Trust me, it’s not fun when you’re not in the mood to perform and the people who claim to be your friends wave you off with an attitude of, “Then we really have nothing to say to you. We’ll be back, when you’re ready to dance for us again.”

Well, you know the story (if you have read my old blog posts) about how I wrote a novel in the fall of 2010. And I tried my best to get it published in the winter to spring in 2011. The response I got from publishers were that they liked it, but they believe that it was “not marketable at this time”. I’m good at reading between the lines, I knew what they were really saying, that they don’t believe it will make them millions or even a few hundred bucks for their troubles. And I have to agree, maybe it wouldn’t, because it’s not the cliche crap of today of vampires and self-help books. No. It’s a very old fashion horror/thriller, like the kind I grew up reading and enjoying. I wanted a chance though, but no publishing house would give it to me, their focus on dollar signs rather than a good story that people may enjoy.

So, I decided to do what most rejects of a publishing world do… I’ve decided to self publish.

The major issue was getting help with the editing, because publishing houses do that for the writer, and that’s really the most that they do. They puff out their chest and claim the writer like a cash cow, if the writer becomes wildly popular, and they pay for the printing of the books. They don’t really do much advertising of their books, but love to price them and take a huge cut of the proceeds. So, their main worth is the editing and branding the back of the book with their name, giving the material “street cred”. I give up on the cred, but I really needed some awesome editing done to my book. As you can tell, I have an issue sometimes with present vs. past tense. Also a few times of misspelled words or sentences that could be phrased better.

I can’t afford to hire a professional editor, I’m just a starving artist to be frank, so I turned to my best friend Julie and my sister. I offered them 10 percent of whatever I make from the book, once it’s published on Amazon.com. And when I offered it, I felt so sheepish for not being able to offer more than that, because I knew this was going to be a very huge project. I expected them to tell me to, “Get bent!” and laugh at the peanuts that I was offering. I only stand to gain a dollar per sale of my book on Amazon, which is fine with me because I never wanted to be rich or famous with this book. I just want something of mine forever out there and accessible to the public, I want to show off this very good novel that I have poured my heart and soul into, like a peacock pluming towards the world. This is my real dream.

However, my best friend and sister had a different reaction altogether, one I didn’t expect. They screamed, “No, Dani! I don’t need your money!” They insisted to help me reach my dream, without any payment at all, and purely out of love for me and the fact that they really do love the book. I had given up on it, after so many rejections from publishing houses, yet it was them who kept bringing it up and nagging me to don’t give up. I’m still going to give them something for their hard work anyway, although it’s very awesome that they want to help me out of love, and I appreciate that so much. But out of my love for them I want to repay them for their hard work and dedication. Even if this book turns out to be a flop, I must thank them for all that they’ve done for me. And they’ve done so much too! They gave me permission to dream again.

Julie has her own social life, a 50 hour a week job, and not to mention her own personal and family life. She edited the whole 90,000 word book first and did a phenomenon job! So much so, that when my sister came in behind her to do the second edits, she couldn’t find much to edit! Not only that, Julie is reading over it again in some chapters, to make sure she didn’t miss anything. I’m confident that the manuscript is good, being that I’ve read over it six times these last months. Without the help of her and my sister, I would have been dead in the water!

All three of us women have been working very hard to get this thing done and we’re down to the last four chapters. The book cover is done by me and I hope it’s good enough, I did my best with it. I do have an graphic artist in my family, so for the second book, I may ask her to help out. This project was just too short notice for her to be included, this time around. And yes, I’m working on a second book too, now that we’re near the end of wrapping up the first book. :-)

I’ll post here one last time, in October, when I’ll reveal the name, link, and summary of the book. It will be published on Amazon, the second week of October! Thanks to all of my readers and remember to never give up on your dreams!



I’m Still Alive!

December 7, 2011

*waving an arm* I’m still alive! Hello, readers! :-D

Last spring I had took a vacation from this blog, as my life was a lot stressful at the time. Summer was rolling in and I thought, “hey, screw this!” and pack up my cyber-luggage to have a much needed vacation. I unplugged from this blog, blocked out all things politics, and had the best summer of my life!

Though, I continued to get the hit reports in my email inbox with the number of readers coming to this little piece of space in the net. A big chunk of the numbers were of those snagging pics from my blog, which is cool with me, as I’ve snagged these pics myself from Google Images. By the way, if anyone has an issue with me using their image, please let me know. I have no problem taking them down. ;-)

But what shocked me, is that most of the numbers were of legit people reading my posts here! I can tell by the time spent on one article or another here, and return visits. I thought the numbers would dwindle after a while, but it’s held steadily for months now! That’s very flattering and it’s proof that I’m not such a crap writer as I believe myself to be. Haha! Thanks for caring enough to read my rants, bias opinions, and emotional outbursts. It’s much appreciated. :-)

As for my summer, I haven’t been up to too much. I’ve cruised a few forums, enjoyed chatting with my best friends (waves to Juan and Julie!), and also got addicted to micro-blogging. In other words, I relaxed a lot and enjoyed myself, instead of ranting. You can view my Tumbrl here: Now, Where Did I Leave My Keys?

I’ve decided that I’m not coming back to this old blog, not now anyway, maybe someday. I’ve also been growing as a person too over the summer, with a more busier life, and I can’t do the daily posts here like I use to. And there is no room for weekly posts either. But I wanted to let everyone know that everything is good and I’m okay. I hate leaving something on a bad note, if I can help it. Happy holidays everyone! And enjoy writing your own stories in the New Year. :-)



A Long Hiatus

May 27, 2011

Once again, I’m going through some storms within my life. Last time, I did keep blogging through those storms and muddied The Rainpuddle a little. Hey, it’s my blog to muddy if I feel like it. But this time, I don’t feel like it. :-/

So instead, I’m taking a long break away from writing. Maybe it will only be for a month, maybe the whole summer… or maybe I’ll began to write here again next year. Who knows? What ‘s important to me is that I do what I want to, right now. I have nothing to lose, at this point.

Thanks for reading along with the blog, thus far. If anyone is really reading and not just stopping by this blog to borrow graphics. :-/




The PC Game Graveyard?

May 25, 2011

I often wonder, what happens to PC games after they die? It’s not the games are bad, only with today’s advancing technology, many of our old favorites will not work on the new laptops with faster processing speeds and better video card capabilities. It’s a lot sad, and funny in a way, that a game is forever doomed to a drawer because our new computers are just too good to run the old platforms. :-/

So, here’s my tribute to the fallen PC games that has bought me lots of joy, before technology made them so obsolete. I would still like to play these titles, but alas, they will not work with my good processor, fast memory, and brilliant video card. :-(

– Commander Blood – 1996

This was a very strange, yet fun, first person game with 3-D animation. The plot: you are a commander of a space ship, named Commander Blood (of course), and you work for a guy named Bob Morlock. Bob is a biochemical mastermind and founder of a massive corporation named Kanary. Knowing that his time is ending, Bob’s dying wish is to see The Big Bang, the moment of the universe’s creation. That’s a very tall order, I know, but Commander Blood goes searching for The Big Bang per his dying boss request. On Blood’s trip, he lands on different planets in space, meeting many different and odd space creatures, that reminds me a lot of any Jim Henson movie. It was a very interesting game that kept me well entertained. :-)

 – Shivers II: Harvest Of Souls – 1997

This a horror themed PC game, featuring a series of rock music videos, by a fictional band named Trip Cyclone. It starts off with you, the player, checking into one spooky hotel in a very eerie desert town. An unfriendly clerk at the front desk gives you a message left by someone unknown, claiming “I have your friends, only a warrior can save them.” And your friends are the rock band. You fall asleep in your hotel room, have a very disturbing nightmare about a car accident and a body, and wake up to realize that everyone in town are missing! To find your friends and free the town from a very evil monster, you must follow the rock music videos that hold the clues, left behind by your friends. It’s a very creepy game, but the music is actually kind of cool and puzzles are not easy to solve.

 – Hugo’s House Of Horrors – 1990

There is a series of Hugo games, but the one that I first started out was House of Horrors. It is a very Q-basic style game, using  the arrow keys to move your character and typing in word commands for every action. For example, “open door” to cause that action to happen. But you had to use good common sense and precise directions to get through any board. For the following screen-shot, it starts out that you’re locked outside of the house and the key is located inside the pumpkin. So, the commands are, “get pumpkin”, “drop pumpkin” (thus smashing the  item), “get key” (which was hidden within said pumpkin), “use key” (unlocking the door), “open door”. Yes, it was very tedious, but it kept me a lot engaged, as a teen. Though, I never made it to the ending… and I never will since that game doesn’t work on my system anymore. :-(

I often think about these games, especially as I still have the disks or cd to these games. I often wish to have another go at Commander Blood or to try and get the “good” ending of Shivers II… I had always got the evil ending to that one. But alas, the moment is over. I must mourn the death of these very weird, yet interesting PC games. :-/

Though it makes me wonder… in a few years, will my Sims games become obsolete, with all of the new advancements in computers? God, I hope not! I’d hate to be an old woman, trying to explain to my grandkids of the day, where we had this funny little game called “The Sims 3”. But knowing Maxis, by the time I have grandkids, there will be “The Sims 15”. ;-)

Off topic… Along with my old games are hundreds of floppies full of clip-art! I don’t know why I loved animated GIFs so much, back in the 90’s, but I have around 50 cases of floppies full of them! GIFs for every holiday, season, and subject too! Ah… those crazy times and memories. I’m so much more grown up and sophisticated now… I collect hundreds of jpeg’s from Google images and save it on my usb drive! :-p



Religion As A Weapon?

May 23, 2011

I am all for religious tolerance and rights to one’s beliefs, believe me. And I’m not just a “nay-sayer” to any strict religion, for the fact that I was born and raised within one. Not to mention that I was once an Ordained Minster, once upon a time, and in order to get there I was required to study the whole Bible and know it backwards and forwards. I was never kicked out of the religion or broke any rules within it, but I simply lost my faith within it and walked away from that path. I now make it a habit to not just stick with the knowledge of my current religion (for the past eight years) of Paganism, because of my religious past. Since I do know A LOT of the Christian religion, I do my best to expand my knowledge into other religions as well. Why? Just so I can be aware of other’s beliefs, to be the most respectful, and to not become as ignorant or bias as some do about beliefs that don’t match their own. I fear that I may become closed minded and judgmental of someone’s beliefs, out of pure ignorance and not bothering to learn about my fellow human beings and their dogmas. And ignorance begets fear, which begets hate. :-/

That said… I am a lot disturbed when I witness people using their beliefs as weapons towards another simply because they have no real knowledge about it. I do respect people who are devoted and connected to their spiritual beliefs. But the one thing I can’t accept nor respect are religious zealots, bigots, and extremists. It was religious extremists who decided to crash planes into US landmarks, after all…

Some weeks ago, I had read this very off-colored article online that was suppose to read like a joke. It was titled: “How To Tell If Your Daughter Is A Lesbian” or something like that. I didn’t get through most of the article, because it was written in the view of extreme Christian bias, and even though it was suppose to be funny it was just creepy and disturbing. Especially it’s claims that everything and everyone that supported the rights of the LGBT community was a creation the Christian demon-god named Satan and the overuse of the word “homo-gay”. Which is a highly offensive slur, like any other one out there, like for instance calling a Christian a “X-tian”.  It was suppose to be a joke, shared on a Christian site, but it was in poor taste in my opinion. I shrug my shoulders and scrolled down to the comments of the article, maybe hoping to see someone suggest that the article wasn’t that funny as it was dark… And I probably shouldn’t have done that. :-o

The comments were riddled with readers in debate, both Christian and non-Christians, arguing about fellow human beings. A guy claiming to be a Reverend commented that being gay is a mental disease, which sparked an argument from those who are gay, both Christian and non. And a few straight, but highly devoted to their religion, argued against the Reverend’s  idea too. Yet this Reverend had back up from others, agreeing that a person who is gay is wrong and seriously ill. And one person, in sheer hurt and anger posted, “So, if a person doesn’t agree with your beliefs, then you will deem that person as evil or mentally ill?” And to this the Reverend replied, “It’s not a disagreement against me or my words, but it’s against God and His words.” At that point, I walked away from that site, sickened. :-/

We all have our own religious beliefs, that’s true. But to say to a crowd, “You were born wrong and are an abomination to the human race”, which is what a person is really saying to anyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. when you claim that it’s evil or a mental disease, is entirely another thing. But everyone has the right to be a jerk! However, to not stand up for your own prejudice and bias, instead blaming it on a Deity just seems so cowardly to me. I happen to know, a heathen as I am, that the Bible has the rule of “Love thy neighbor” and “Judge not lest ye be judged”. And also the many teaching of how it’s the job of God to pass judgement only, not the job of men. Also, the Bible holds many examples of Jesus Christ who loved EVERYBODY, in spite of their sins. But of course, religious fanatics do overlook this part of the Bible, conviently. And they would be prone to shout out that I am the she-devil who mixes truth with lies. Scary! This is why I avoid religious extremists, as much as I try to avoid the criminally insane. :-p

But, the silver lining is that I know too many real and devoted Christians who aren’t fanatics. And I do have a deep respect for the religion, even if I don’t agree with the dogma one hundred percent. My best friend is a devout Christian, yet we are of different faiths and backgrounds, and we are as close as brother and sister.  So that’s proof that a person doesn’t have to be prejudiced and extreme in order to follow their religion. ;-)

The real evil here is when a person uses their religion as a weapon against anyone that doesn’t fit in with their views or feelings. And quite frankly, I don’t understand how it wouldn’t be considered blasphemy towards any Deity for a person to blame their personal feelings and opinions on their God. Every bit of my blog and opinions expressed here are MINE and mine alone… no God or Goddess has told me to think or feel this way. If I offend some with this article… well, tough! Just stop reading this blog and never return! :-p

But, more to the point, if I do offend it’s by my own doing and not from the words of my religion or Deities. It’s how I feel, in my own words, and not a case of, “That’s what my God said, not me. I agree with it and I will push my agreement with aggression and lack of care or empathy towards anyone else who doesn’t agree with what I agree with… But, if you began to gripe about my attitude, it’s not me… it was Him, the God I serve! You’ll have to take it up with Him!” And for that kind of behavior, I have a very disappointed response of, “Not cool, dude… Not cool.” :-/

I think  Friedrich Nietzsche had a good point, when he quoted, “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.” There is so much real evil in the world, that effort can be better spent on fighting against, than to waste time becoming monsters against each other. Just a thought. ;-)